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victoria real
Hello I'm Pepper, thought I'd share the story of the day when i broke my leg.
It happened back in the summer of 2011 i was 10 months old. My owner (i say owner loosely I'm more of [...]
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Angel  - January 16, 2012 
Hi Pepper...
My name is Angel and im almost 5 now but when i was just a kitten i also broke my leg!
Here is what happened:
At 2am on Tuesday morning, October 19, 2007, Mommy was cleaning our cage for the night.
i was on top of the cage, trying to fly!! Well that didnt happen. Instead my foot somehow got caught in the wire of the cage and it went through my little ankle. i was hanging there and screaming and screaming...Mommy and Daddy were working frantically to get me loose. Daddy finally had to get bolt cutters and then i was free. Boy does my leg hurt. i think Mommys hands hurts her too because i kept biting her as she was trying to help me. i didnt mean to.
We were all out of the cage when this happened so Mommy had to get Moose, Moon, and Zany back in the cage. Daddy was on the phone looking for an ER vet to take me to.
Soon i was in a carrier and then we were in the car driving into the darkness...
We arrived at the ER and they took me right in. After x-rays they found out there is a broken bone so now i have a pretty pink cast with purple hearts on it!!
They gave me medicine and it helps the pain and any infection.
Before i knew it we were on our way back home.
i sure was glad to be home and see my brother and sisters.
They have all been very nice to me...
i love my family.
i am healing now.
And we all tested NEG for the bad stuff so we are all happy about that too.
im going to rest now...

Then on October 22, 2007
Its been nearly a week since my accident.
i am getting around pretty well though...Today i went back to the vet and she gave me a brand new cast. Its a bright pink! How chic...
i will have to get a new one every week until my next x-ray in a month.
i will never ever try to fly again, thats for sure!
NOTE TO SELF: You cant fly!!

But it gets worse...
Well what happened early this morning is just unbelievable.
Last Tuesday morning at 3am i was at the ER vet getting my leg put in a cast.
i thought i could fly from the top of the cage but turns out, i cant!! MOL.
So anyway, after getting my first cast i have been getting around very well, but Mommy was keeping me quiet mostly.
On Monday i went to my regular vet and she gave me a new pink cast. More of my toes were sticking out this time and i wanted to clean my toes...but they put this icky tasting stuff on it so i wont do that. YUCK! i wont lick that again.
So after the vet appointment we came home. That night Mommy brought all 4 of us up to the Living Room. We have so much fun playing....toys everywhere, 7 other cats...so much fun!
Then around 1am, just as Mommy was going to put us back in the cage, i let out a yelp and a few hisses...and Mommy looked at me and thought Whats wrong with this picture?? My cast was completely off my leg.
So Mommy called the ER vet again and they said to bring me in.
Off we went again...exactly a week later!
The dr gave me yet another cast...this one is green with paw prints on it.
Home we came and i was happy about that.
Mommy says my name should have been anything BUT Angel!! MOL
i am resting comfortably now...

So i guess we have something in common Pepper!
Heidi Dietrich
Heidi Dietrich  - February 1, 2012 
Hi Pepper,

I'm sorry about your broken leg. I'll try to remember to not jump out of upstairs windows.

Ask your mommy to give you a kiss for me?

Victoria, you should make profile for each of your cats.
Here is a good place to learn:

Welcome Aboard!!
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Hello, this is my first blog about my 3 cats.
My first 2 cats are Chilli and Pepper they are brothers, a year and 3 months old. I rescued them from an animal rescue center when th [...]
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Neil Corwin
Neil Corwin  - January 16, 2012 
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