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Jordan just added Toes to favorite
 March 29, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Toes Thank you Kibbles and Tate for my birthday presents!
 March 16, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - March 16, 2014 
Your welcome ToesSmile Hope you had a pawsome day happybday If there is any cake left over, I will be right over scooter laugh
Toes  Hope
Hi 'hope!! Its me, Toes!
Mom said i could say CONCATS to you!
YOU are the newest CAPTAIN OF THE WEEK!!
The ship is yours...let me know if you need any help! Wink
 January 18, 2013 - Comment - Like  
Buddy Budd
Buddy Budd  - January 21, 2014 
Congrats on Cat of the Week!
Tate  - January 23, 2014 
Congrats Toes on being Captain of the Week!! Got any rum or cuppycakes on your ship?? Me and Buddy Bud will be there for sure!
theresa nazzaro
oh yes he is, he is a big guy, he really liked me.
 November 5, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - November 5, 2011 
Toes is my awesome boy.
He says to say hello but cant come to the catputer right now cuz hes napping!
Hi Diogi...i just noticed how much we look alike!!! MOL
You are one handsome DUDE!!
 May 17, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Happy Birthday @ the Bridge, sweet Quinn C
From one orangie to another!
Love and miss you sweet Quinn.
 May 1, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Toes Oh hai everybody!
i just wanted to thank everyone for purring for me while i've been sick.
i'm feeling much better now!
Mood: good
 April 29, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - April 30, 2011 
i am so glad, Toe Boy.
You really had Mommy worried about you.
i love you.
Neil Corwin
Neil Corwin  - April 30, 2011 
Administering medicine to any animal can be tricky.Even if you acquire skill through practice,every cat will have its own unique behaviors.Toes,a very large and potentially a difficult case,became an appreciative little baby in Dale's hands!
Gerta the Gremlin
Hope you are feeling better Toes! Mommy had to give me pills for tummy issues and she faked me out with pill pockets! Well, I got smart! Then she faked me out with ice cream! Dang! She won that battle.
 April 26, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Toes has updated profile design.
 April 26, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Toes Thanks for the purrs!
im feeling a whole lot better but im now under the futon in Stinky's room where no one can get me! i know Mom wants to shove something else down my throat! MOL
i will probably have to come out to eat shortly. i might try a bite or two.
 April 25, 2011 - Comment - Like