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Cathugger is L-I-V-E!!! Yay!!

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My Point of View
Posted April 16, 2011 by Stinky
Hi all my dedicated followers...
It is so nice to finally be able to talk to you as ME!!
It would be very hard fur me to go all the way back to that awful dreaded day when, out of nowhere, that rotten car grazed my rear! But i knew if i was able to drag myself home that i would be okay.
Mom & Dad have not let me down. i now prefer to see my unfortunate accident as a "career move". If that never happened, i would still be my wild self, outside, alone, lonely and catfused.
i much prefer my life now.
i am a very happy Mancat albeit less Man and more Cat! i like my food...its my favorite time of the day and night. What luxury it is to be part of a circle of food bowls with my kids and sibs. We all eat with our heads touching and we know Mom likes this because she always smiles so we humor her! Whos kidding who? We do it because we all like to eat!
As time goes on i will write about the past but for now im just happy to be living in the moment.

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Beta Testing!!
Posted March 28, 2011 by Stinky
Wow, i am seeing a lot of new faces here!
Its early Monday morning and Mom is still working.
i know she will come and say good night to me soon...then the fun begins here aboard the Archangel. All of us cats run wild through the Living Room all night long while Mom & Dad sleep down below...im sure they can hear us, but it doesnt keep them awake! MOL
If they only knew the mischief we get into...heehee but im not telling!
Stinky Speaks!
Posted January 21, 2011 by Stinky
WoW!! Finally i get my own blog!
Mom has been keeping track of my accident and recovery on Facebook, but she writes it so its from her point of view, not mine.
i have a voice and im not afraid to use it!
Now that i know i can speak here, i will be adding posts when i can get Mom away from the laptop!
Better still...i should get my OWN laptop!! MOL

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