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Jordan just added Smudge to favorite
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Paisan just added Smudge to favorite
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Smudge and Trey are now friends.
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Friday DB #170
 July 8, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Smudge Thank you to Bugsy, Kibbles and Tate for my yummy Birthday gifts!
 March 16, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - March 16, 2014 
Happy Birthday SmudgeSmile Hope you had a pawtastic day!! Birthdays go by so fast, you have to wait a whole nother year to get more cake!! happybday Love, Tate
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Smudge HI Cathuggers!
i cant believe i get a turn on the catputer!! MOL

i just want to remind everybody that its almost time for our new Captain of the Week and wait till you see who its gonna be this week!!! heeheehee
i cant tell you any more, but be sure to check back on Thursday after midnight...Friday is okay too if you're not a night owl like my Mom is!! MOL.
Mood: excited
 April 18, 2012 - Comment - Like  
theresa nazzaro
She looks just like my Mama Cat "CALLIE", wow, they could be twins. lol. I have to put all my furbabies on here soon.
 November 5, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Neil Corwin
Neil Corwin  - November 5, 2011 
Please do! sailor
Smudge  - November 5, 2011 
hi there Auntie Theresa,
i dont think we met the other day when you were here. Too bad...you would have loved ME!!! MOL
Hi Mudge!! Nice to meetcha.
My name is Smudge too and my Mom & Dad sometimes call me Mudge or Mudgness. i swear pawrents can be so strange at times!! MOL
 April 14, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Mudge  - April 15, 2011 
Hi Smudge,
yes i understand strange pawrent, mommy calls me bebe a lot. what is bebe? the little girl who calls mommy mama doesn't like it sometime, says she mama's bebe.