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For the first
Posted January 27, 2015 by Rat
Not a great subject for my first blog entry, but mama and I have questions. I've been visiting the litter box a lot and a few days ago, mama saw blood. I've been to the vet and have an infection I'm now on medication for. But there's a problem. Something called transitional cells were found in my pee. It wasn't a sterile sample since I left it on the table for them oops, but I don't doubt the test. Thing is, it COULD be from the infection if it's been going on longer than mama noticed. Otherwise, it's really bad news. It's possible it's cancer, a kind that causes tumors in the bladder. Does anyone know about this? Any cats out there who've had it or know one who did? Mama's looking into diagnosis options, but she wants information of any type before deciding. I go back next week for a recheck after I finish the anti-biotic. Thanks for any help you can give!