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Janeen DiRienzo
Posted April 4, 2011 by Janeen DiRienzo
What a great opening weekend for Cathugger and it seems that, after some initial confusion, users are finding their way around the site. I've noticed that several members have reached out to others and helped them get around. Kudos to you for being such wonderful and giving humans, glad you are here on this site.

Look at all the profiles being decorated, some of you have figured it out and I tip my hat to you. Being on dial up for many years, I find the less I do to my page, the faster it opens and with dial up, I can't stress how important that is. However, dial up is responsible for many batches of my Biscotti, which were put together while waiting for downloads.

This will all change this month when I move to Comcast high speed. No longer will I cringe at an enclosure with a mb after a number or when someone sends me pictures that are 34 inches wide. I will miss my many hours of relaxation that I get waiting for photos to upload. My days are numbered. Hopefully, my Biscotti baking won't suffer because of this, and if it does, it's right back to dial up, I promise.
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lorraine verbeck wrote at April 5, 2011
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