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Zany Gray
Birthdate: 07-24-2007
Gender: Female
Weight: 9lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: medium smoke gray
Biography: Zany Gray was the fourth and final baby born to momcat Puffin. She is a very sweet kitty and likes to give kitty hugs. If you pick her up, she will wrap her arms around your neck and hold you tight. Who could ask for anything more. Zany is an official Cathugger!!

Cativity Feeds Update

Jordan just added Zany Gray to favorite
 March 29, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Mommy misses you so much, my beautiful Zany.
 October 8, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Thank you to our special one ZANY for being our Captain last week.
Fly free~~ Find your brother Spot, our newest Angel.
 August 15, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - August 16, 2015 
Thank you Zany for being such a pawsome Capt.
Dale S Eggers
A special tribute to our beautiful ZANY GRAY.
Love is forever~~~
You are our newest Captain of the Week!
The ship is yours!
 August 8, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - August 8, 2015 
Concats to zany gray have a great week.
Mac  - August 10, 2015 
Concatulations sweet Angel Zany flowers
Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo  - August 10, 2015 
Congratulations Angel Zany!
Chester  - August 10, 2015 
Congrats Angel Zany... ♥
Angel K.Malachi
Angel Zany Gray, I want to concatulate you for being chosen as Captain of the Week for our ship the Archangel. You'll make a fine Captain!
 August 10, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Zany Gray
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Ayla Bell
Ayla Bell and Zany Gray are now friends.
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Zany Gray
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Zany Gray
Zany Gray and are now friends.
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