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Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
Birthdate: 04-14-2007
Gender: Male
Weight: 12lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Black
Biography: I had adopted a wonderful feral, Timmy Tomcat, who was companion to my friend Inky and myself. I had been discussing a local no kill shelter Kitty Cottage and finally we went over on a Saturday to see the cats. Well it is a great shelter and we spent some time in the different rooms and gave pets to all who requested them. Well there was a young Tom cat who made it a point to come close by and look me over. My friend commented that he seemed to want to go home with me. We laughed and I gave him a good petting and we said goodbye to all. Well I have a tough time going to those places as I want to take everyone home and just give them the best that can be lived. Well, over the next week I started thinking about how Tim could use a more energetic playmate, and, well, one thing leads to another. We went back the next weekend to see the cats. I admit I had a little idea. Just a speck of and thought. A tiny glimmer, hardly a blip in the grand scheme of things. So we were sitting back in the little second floor room and in he came. The same black Tom. He went up the cat tree and gave me a look and reached out his paw. So Toby was adopted. We did the paperwork and he came home the next week. He fit right in as he is very outgoing. I must say Tim took a bit of time to get used to him and Inky took a bit longer. But all ended just wonderful good. He did not bug Inkster and the deadly duo (against any intruders of the multi legged variety) started their deep friendship. Toby and Tim are great pals and make a well matched pair of friendly combatants. Toby has a bit of extra energy but Tim communicates well if he gets too rough. If Tim wants to just chill thats OK and Toby goes off the the cat tree and works off the energy till it is window sleeping time. Toby Tomcat is one Great guy. Gotta Love Him!

Cativity Feeds Update

Dale S Eggers
Concats to you *TOBY TOMCAT*,
You are our newest Captain of the Week!
The ship is yours!
 December 13, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Kibbles  - December 13, 2015 
Woo Who! Toby Tomcat!
Has lots of fun and Concats!
Bugsy  - December 13, 2015 
Concats Toby Tomcat have a great week.
Mac  - December 13, 2015 
Concatulations Toby Tomcat! thumbup
Trey  - December 15, 2015 
I'z so glad I got here today!!! ConCATulations Toby Tomcat...yoo ar gonna have so much fun bein' Cap'n! An' never furget, if things get busy...it is Chrissymus after all, we ar all here to pich in 'n' help!
Paws up, dude!
Kelsee  - December 15, 2015 
Catgrats TOBY TOMCAT!!!!
Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
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Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
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Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b I want to let my Catster admirers know that you will be able to look upon my Handsomeness here on CatHugger. You may have been very worried that you could not look at my picture hourly so rest assured I am here to provide eye candy!!!
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Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
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Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b
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Toby Tomcat (5 new photos)
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