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Birthdate: 04-15-2005
Gender: Female
Weight: 11lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Marble Grey/Black Tabby
Biography: Shadow has been through a lot in her first 4 years of life. She was born to a wonderpurr catmama named Turtle who belonged to our landlord's wife. Turtle had another litter after Shadow's litter and was very sick. The family could not afford to pay for her care so Turtle was surrendered to the ASPCA. Sadly Gail(humom) passed away in May of 2008 and the rest of that family are not cat lovers so they threw Shadow out like trash, into the outside world to fend for herself. And, us not knowing, she was not neutered!! So on August 13, 2008 Shadow gave birth to 6 kittens. She became very ill but kept caring for her babies. Eventually we found the litter and brought Shadow and them inside. 3 were adopted into loving homes and Shadow needed emergency surgery to spay her. She recovered nicely and is a happy member of our large furmily.

Cativity Feeds Update

Jordan just added Shadow to favorite
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Chef Tailer Swish
Chef Tailer Swish and Shadow are now friends.
 July 12, 2016 - Comment - Like  
CHADWICK and Shadow are now friends.
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Abby and Shadow are now friends.
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Dale S Eggers
Thank you Shadow for being our Captain last week.
We are so thankful you are feeling all better!
We love you.
 August 9, 2013 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
SHADOW~~~ You are the Captain of the Week!!
Mommy & Daddy picked you in hopes it will make you feel all better and start to eat on your own.
The ship is yours!!
 August 2, 2013 - Comment - Like  
soc dring
soc dring  - August 2, 2013 
congrats Shadow this is gonna be a great week with you taking care of us all xx
Angie Clark
Angie Clark and Shadow are now friends.
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Hi Rosie...you are very cute!
My name is Shadow! Glad we are friends.
 August 6, 2012 - Comment - Like  
Rosie  - August 6, 2012 
Ohhh so cute Smile
Shadow  - August 6, 2012 
You are very cute too!
Shadow and Rosie are now friends.
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Alex Finnegan "Finney"
Alex Finnegan "Finney" and Shadow are now friends.
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