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Learning the Ropes: Getting Set Up
#1 April 14, 3:10 am
Learning the Ropes: Getting Set Up
Climb aboard matey! Let’s see how yer sea legs are. boat

First things first:
Please take a few moments to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Think of them as Dramamine for new sailors; you’re taking a chance of irritable bowel if you don’t have your equilibrium balanced. Okay, in other words, you don’t want to get in trouble just because you didn’t read the basic rules. ban

Next thing: register!
Note that the first account you register is your MAIN account. Your cat profiles will be branched off it as sub-accounts. Most folks tend to use their human profile as the main account.
The fields are as follows:
Full name – this is your “screen name”, the name that everyone will see.
User name – this is your “login name”. If I understand things correctly, it is also used for links. Therefore, it is important to create a "connected" username, ie; furmonster_mom, or furmonstermom.
Email Address – the address must be a valid working address. You may set up a special address for your CH notices and such, but it should be recognizably attached to your name.
Password – make it a good one. You don’t want jerkhackin' pirates stealin’ yer booty. gun_bandanachris
Date of Birth – apparently, the oldest you can be at the moment is 91 years.wheelchair
Gender – yes, you have to pick one. There are only 2 to pick from.
Location – dang that’s a long list. The world’s a huge thing. (name that quote)
Time zone – the time will show in a tool bar at the bottom of your CH window.

Verification e-mail:
You will need to verify that your e-mail is working before logging in for the first time. You will only need to do this once. Once you have verified your e-reality (and not a substituted one alien ), you will be able to log in and out as normal.

Logging in:
The link in your e-mail will take you to the login page. Remember; if your username had any spaces in it, you will need to fill those spaces with underlines (furmonster_mom).

When you log in, you are taken to your Helm page.
“This is your main control page.
No one sees this page but you. You can manage all your details from this page.
You also have a Profile page which is visible to everyone.”
That is a quote from the Welcome e-mail you will immediately receive.

On your Helm page, there is a box of links to manage your account. One of them says “Manage Cat Sub-accounts”. This is where you will add your furmily’s profiles.

The sub-accounts are treated as individual accounts with their own logins, but CH has a nifty tool for switching users quickly and automagically. It’s right under the Archangel header, with a contact card icon.

The fields for your sub-accounts are as follows:
Cat’s name – yes, we know they ignore it half the time, but we humans need them stupid
Cat’s username – again, the login and link name.
Password – you don’t want your cat dealing nip without your supervision, now. shifty
Date of Birth – apparently the maximum age for a cat is 44. blink Who knew?
Gender – again, 2 to choose from. Spay/neutering doesn’t change gender. omg_smile
Breed – this is not a yes or no question.
Coloration – most standard colors included chinesealucardarabiabatmancowboy
Other color – I suppose this might be for the case of painted cats? red_indian
Weight – in pounds, or a close approximation. Don’t ask me to convert metrics.euro
Bio – as in "biography", not a bodily function.

Again, once you hit the “sign up” button, you will be taken to your cat’s Helm page. Your cat will also have their very own profile page as well. If you want to edit anything in your cat’s basic information above, you will need to use the “manage cat subaccounts” link from the Helm of your main account. Otherwise, most other editing needs to be done while logged in on the account being edited.

On the red Navigation Bar that is on every page, there is a link for settings. I believe you may need to set each profile individually.

Account Settings:hammer
Edit your account information.
Change your name and username up to 3 times.
Enter in a forum motto that will show at the bottom of your forum posts.
There is also a paypal field for upgrading and making purchases through the site.
This is also where you would cancel your account (we’re hoping that field just gathers dust).

Privacy Settings:ninja
Pretty self-explanatory; determines who gets to see what on your profile pages. Also determines the notifications you will get for certain activities.

sweatdrop *whew* I hope this all made sense, and is enough to get you set up in your bunk.
We’ll cover adding pictures in another segment.

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#2 April 14, 4:45 am
need a love button!!!
The Archangel Crew~~
#3 April 14, 5:44 am
Excellent~Beautiful~Cool~Perfect~Wonderful~Amazing~Right On~Flawless~Bingo~On the Money~Remarkable~Bulls Eye...Thank You
#4 April 14, 8:27 am
What more could I say after Neil Smile
Cathugging is my speciality!
#5 April 14, 11:04 am
clap Yay!
I'm so glad you guys like it. It was rather late when I finished, so I kinda had the "lack of sleep loopies". I was just hoping my sense of humor didn't offend anyone too terribly. laugh

As always, if there is any good info that I missed, feel free to post in this forum. thumbup1

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#6 April 14, 11:23 am
EXCUSE ME, Staffwoman, but I must take exception to this portion:

....MAIN account. Your cat profiles will be branched off it as sub-accounts. Most folks tend to use their human profile as the main account.

OBVIOUSLY, the MAIN account should belong to the MAIN CAT of the household!

*sits on favorite throne*

Now, where's my breakfast, Staffwoman?

(uppity humans)

#7 April 14, 11:27 am
My abject apologies, your highness!
However, the required fields on the MAIN registration are human-oriented.
The fields on the sub-accounts are especially for Cats.

Now, would you like to be brushed after breakfast? em3700

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#8 April 18, 12:30 am
Does anyone know how to put an image as the forum signature? Tags that go there are what mama did for YEARS online. She's accustomed to doing them for people, but can do them for cats too. She'd LOVE to get back into that and this is the kind of forum those tags are made for!!
#9 April 18, 12:50 pm
hee hee hee... I think I've done it!

Basically, I used the mail "compose message" as a notepad.
I used the "add a photo" link from the toolbar (there's one here too), and put in a url to a picture.
Then I took the resulting code, copied it, went to account settings, and pasted it into the forum motto field.

I think we should be careful about the size of pictures we use for this. I used a little avatar pic that I'd already had made up.

Looking back at the code, it's pretty simple. Just put your url between the [ img] [ /img] tags.

Last update on April 18, 12:53 pm by Furmonster Mom.
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#10 April 18, 1:21 pm
Thanks! What size do you think would be good? Forum tags can be pretty big depending on what kind of embellishments are used. These are my tags from ages ago. Made the album four years ago and I'd been doing tags a couple of years at that point. I'm licensed for all kinds of artists. Smile Some are my work, some were made for me.

#11 June 14, 10:11 am
Thank you for sharing this.

I have my main login and created 2 subs. My second sub keeps saying its profile does not exist. I put a pic in and posted a message. Is that normal for it to say profile does not exist when I click on my profile?
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