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Birthdate: 04-01-1996
Gender: Female
Weight: 11lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Tuxedo
Biography: Cookie had a rough beginning in life. She was an indoor cat, living with the owner of the marina where we live. Someone in that house decided that she was no longer welcome in their home so they let her outside...un-neutered! We did not know she wasnt neutered as she never presented us with any kittens but we soon realized that she must be having kittens that did not survive. She lived in an igloo next to our boat for about a year but just looked so sad all the time. On January 4, 2008 we could not bear to see her alone and welcomed her into our house(boat). We took her straight to the vet who found that she had many cysts in her reproductive system during her spay surgery. The vet cleaned her all up inside and she has been a happy girl ever since.

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Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo just added Cookie! to favorite
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Friday DB #170
Godspeed Sweet Cookie, heaven's newest star shining brightly in the sky!!
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How are you doing Cookie?
 July 13, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Friday DB #170
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Neekah Boo
Cookie and Dale me and mamma haven't heards anyfhing? Are you doing otays at the vetties? Did your mommy bring you your favorite blankey to cuddles wiff. Im sures she did. We praying up a storm for you. Sending you & Family Hugs and Love & lots and lots and lots prayers Cookie. Love you Neekah Boo & Mommy
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Dale S Eggers
Please purr for me. i have Breast Cancer. :'(
 July 1, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Chester  - July 2, 2014 
Cookie my mommy & I are praying very hard for you to get well.. paws & fingers crossed & sending positive vibes... Hugs & prayers... Love Chester & his mommy Lill wub... flowers
Tate  - July 2, 2014 
Sounds like your vet is on top of everything and knows the right thing to do to help Cookie, you will all be in our thoughts and prayers. Praying for a healthy recovery with no more cancer wub
Pete  - July 2, 2014 
Praying hard for Cookie and you, God Bless you Both
Tate  - July 3, 2014 
Cookie, how you feeling today? We are all purring and praying for you wub
Chester  - July 3, 2014 
Hugs & prayers... all is going well... meow...wub
Dear Cookie,
We just got a very distressing message from our dear furiend Neekah Boo that you are not feeling well. We want you to know you'll be in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you pawsitive get well wishes and lots of soft purrs and warm hugs. God bless you dear furiend.
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