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Birthdate: 07-24-2007
Gender: Female
Weight: 9lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Brown Torby
Biography: Angel was born here aboard the Archangel to er feral momcat Puffin. She was the first born in a litter of 4. She lives here, happily, with her littermates, Moon, Moose and Zany Gray. When Angel was 12 weeks old she was being adventurous and broke her right rear leg. Because she was a growing kitten she required many cast changes, but thankfully it healed beautifully and now you wold never know her leg was ever broken. She and i formed a special bond during her recovery. i love you, Angel~

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Victoria, you should make profile for each of your cats.
Here is a good place to learn:

Welcome Aboard!!
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HRH QueenCat
Hi Angel - we have a black girlkit named Angel living at our home Smile
 January 9, 2012 - Comment - Like  
Angel  - January 10, 2012 
you do? i bet shes beautiful.
Does she have a profile?
You should make her one so we could all meet her!
i was named Angel because i was the first one born of my litter so the A and then i had these really big wings on the sides of my face when i was a kitten. i kind of grew into them now but Mom says im her little Angel anyway!
HRH QueenCat
HRH QueenCat  - January 10, 2012 
that sounds so sweet; Angel was adopted from a shelter when she was about 18 months old; she'd been hit by a car, fixed up & waiting for me Smile she was so little & cute and her name came naturally; she's now 10 years old & is still tiny, weighs around 5.5lbs. She doesn't have a profile as we don't spend much time here, it's mostly on Catster; there is one pic of her in my profile, but if you'd like to see more, try this link: http://www.catster.com/cats/410352
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