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Birthdate: 05-20-2004
Gender: Male
Weight: 21.9lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Smoke Tuxedo
Biography: I was advocating for ACCT Philly & Spencer's page came across my desk. His face took my breath away because he so resembled my baby cat Dalton who we lost to cancer at the age of 6 months. I just kept looking at his face & thinking if Dalton had been allowed to grow up, he could have looked exactly like Spencer! Having five cats already, I knew it would be a hard sell to try & get my husband to adopt another, so I printed out Spencer's picture & quietly taped it to our fridge. When Greg asked about him I said he was the new kitty I was advocating for & just left it at that. Every day I'd add a note..."Thank goodness, Still Alive." I knew it was going to be difficult to get Spencer placed because he was 9 yrs old & sadly, everyone wants a kitten. With kitten season upon us, I admit I was scared I'd lose him too. As each day went by & he was still there at the shelter, I felt both joy & sorrow - joy that he hadn't been killed & sorrow that no one wanted him & he was likely going to get sick there as well! What was wrong with people... Then one day new pictures of him were posted. As I'd suspected, he was becoming noticeably depressed & getting sick!!! I now felt I *had* to get him out of there any way I could - STAT! Maybe fostering was the answer? I couldn't bear the thought of losing another kitty, even if he wasn't officially mine. Yet! So...I mentioned to my husband that Spencer might be sick & it was looking more & more like I'd lose him. He said "No, you won't! Contact them...we're getting him!" So August 3rd, we made our way into the city & made out all the adoption forms to claim him. He was so much sicker by this time & could hardly stand. His nose & eyes were running red liquid & he wasn't able to swallow. They gave us antibiotics & some eye drops to take with us, which helped, but he was still not eating or drinking here at home. Everything we tried, failed. Back to the vets for a subcutaneous fluid replacement which they taught us how to do & home again! Now let me tell you! Spencer is/was a BIG boy, tipping the scale at 22.46 pounds. Just try administering meds to a fella that size if he doesn't want them? But we managed...or at least I did. The fact that he couldn't eat, his weight has dropped to 18.27 pound & then 17.2 now, but this isn't really such a bad thing. He's such a compliant guy, even tho' he grumbles the whole time you give him meds. =} Updated Bio: Today, Aug 7, 2013 Spencer went to our regular vet & had a total workup done on him. He is going to be fine. It was the aggressive antibiotics that were giving him the sore throat & upset stomach so we've been told to stop them. This plus the subcutaneous fluid replacement is finally showing some improvement in him. Hopefully this will encourage him to start eating on his own so he doesn't have to be force fed. UPDATE: 12-6-13 -- Spencer is off all but 2 meds now & his insulin has been reduced from 3 units twice daily down to a half unit twice daily! He now weighs 20.75 pounds & has been declared "healthy but a teensy bit overweight!" It's always sumpin' y'know?

Cativity Feeds Update

Waving to you extra hard today Spencer.. hope you are having a big fun Birthday Party in Kitty Heaven.. furever in our hearts my friend...
 May 20, 2019 - Comment - Like  
Spencer Ten months have gone by...soon it will be a year since you left us.
How is this possible? It hurts just as much today as it did on May 4...
Mood: sad
 March 12, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Jax  - March 12, 2018 
I'm so sorry for your loss. Beautiful video.
Bugsy  - March 12, 2018 
I'm so sorry for your loss. Pawsome video.
Chester  - March 12, 2018 
Sure do miss my friend Spencer... I am waving to you Spencer I can see your bright star twinkling for us... meow meow...
Spencer  - March 13, 2018 
Thank you all...Bugsy, that song was pretty hard to get thru'... & now it's hard to listen to. But it sure was the way I felt & still do.
Spencer was just bigger than life itself & he left one heck of a big hole...

Chester...I bet you he's waving that big paw back at you. And of course he could never do anything 'small' so his twinkle in the night sky would have to be larger than life too.
Ginger Haycox
Some days we still just miss you so much, my beautiful little boy...I wish you could be here with us now...& forever!
 January 15, 2018 - Comment - Like  
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 June 6, 2017 - Comment - Like  
Spencer Well, now dere's only four of us! I'z still so sad I cants believe my bestest ottoman buddy has gone. Mama's still all weepy alla time 'n' she getz us all wet when she hugs us, but we let her 'cuz it feels good. I sure don' want to leave 'n' sometimez yoo just don't know when yoo'z gonna!
But we'z healing slowly...
 November 18, 2016 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - November 18, 2016 
I'm so sorry spencer we are sending big hugs and purrs to you and your momcat.
Mac  - November 18, 2016 
So sorry Spencer. Sending your family love and purrs.
Ali  - May 8, 2017 
So sorry Spencer
Lots of love and purrs Spencer and family.
 May 7, 2017 - Comment - Like  
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Spencer has dairy flavored cookies!
Spencer opens his giftie Xmas morning...