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Birthdate: 04-28-2002
Gender: Female
Weight: 12lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Black
Biography: My wife Nicki and I were at home on a Saturday morning. My mother-in-law went to a local pet supply store for a special food for her cats, she called and told Nicki there was a really cute black kitten, free to a good home. Nicki said to bring her home to us, and the rest is history. Skittles was with us for 10 years, including the first 7 years of our marriage. Although Nicki and I grew up having and loving cats, Skittles taught us so much. She taught us a great deal more about love, patience, compassion, and selflessness. I remember the first week we had her, how she'd cry to come in bed with us, and then cry to get down, and then cry to get up again. That first night was sleepless, but so worth it. The next spring/summer, we brought home our other cat, Mango, from a farm, Skittles was not impressed. She got so angry with me, (since I brought him in), that when I tried to pet her, she had her ears flat back, and gobbled like a turkey. That didn't last long, her and Mango became best buds. When we moved into a new home a couple years later, she ran to the new basement, and hid under the stairs, only came out to eat and use the bathroom. Only came upstairs to go to bed with me and Nicki, she got used to the new place pretty quickly though. She was a very shy cat, was only out and cuddly with us. She did come out for a few select others, but never really went by them. Of all the cats we had in our lives, she was the sweetest cat we ever knew. Not that the others aren't sweet, it's just she had that extra something in her for us alone. She meant the world to us both, she was Papa's girl for sure though, my little shadow. She always knew when we were sad, sick, or just having a bad day, was always there to cheer us up with her pretty green eyes, and soft purr. She liked to lay above my head, and groom me, or lick my goatee too. We imagined her having a German accent, as she was such a clean, orderly cat, kinda like her Papa. We even created her own secret society, The IBSC, or Itty Bitty Skitty Committee, she was the founding and only member, Mango, her little brother, was made honorary chair with her approval. Towards the end, she started losing weight, which I attributed to her being picky with food, as she always had been. After switching food a few times, and her starting to not eat anything, she was taken to the vet on 8/28/12, where he discovered a Splenic Tumor and took a blood sample. They called on 8/29/12, and it was cancer, as listed in her Bio below. There was nothing they could do, cancer was too agressive, and surgery would've been too hard on her frail condition. The vet advised to spoil her, as we did always anyways. She went to the Bridge days later, on 9/2/12, peacefully, in her sleep. I can't remember the last time I cried so much, or Nicki cried so much, we were heartbroken and devastated, and still are. We have her ashes in the bedroom with us, on the dresser by the window, where she loved to sit and watch the world. I say a prayer to her every morning and night, and give her pawprint in clay kisses, as well as her urn. We miss her everyday, but we know she's always with us, protecting us, and we will see her again. She rescued us, and we were blessed to have her in our lives

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Neekah Boo  - December 30, 2015 
Fhank you Skittles. Love you