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Birthdate: 05-01-2003
Gender: Male
Weight: 19lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Orange Tabby
Biography: I was adopted from a farm/garden center. Mama and Papa were going to adopt me, but I was already spoken for, so they chose my sister instead. When the time came for us to leave the farm, my sisters were badly hurt by the mean dog next door, my sisters didn't make it. The person that was going to adopt me never called the farm girls back, so they called Mama and Papa, and asked if they still wanted to adopt me. They were so excited and exclaimed "we would love him!", we were meant to be together. When I came to my forever home for the first time, my new big sister was not happy, she hissed and yelled alot. She came around in time though, and we became buddies forever. I remember once she jumped out from behind a chair, and scared me so bad I was puffed up for the rest of the night. I like to nap with Mama and Papa, I'm so big and warm, they fall asleep right away. I like to talk alot, howl, meow, etc. Just talk to me and we'll have a conversation. When my big sister Skittles was sick, I was very sad, and didn't know what else to do besides be by her side always, and comfort her, like she was always there for me when I was little. When she died, I was very, very sad and lonely, I hated when Mama and Papa had to leave for work, I would wait by the door all day. I also hated seeing them be so sad and cry so much about Skittles. I told them in my own way that I was there for them too, and that Skitty was still with us. Every once and a while, I still look for her in her favorite spots. I have a little sister now, Caramello, she's been here a little over a year. I wasn't happy at first, as that's not who I wanted to come home, but we're friends now. Though she's no Skittles, I'm happy to be the big brother now, and watch over her like Skittles watched over me. I'm still as playful and rambunctious as ever, and hope to be for many years yet with my Mama, Papa, and little sister.

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Lots of love and purrs Spencer and family.
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Neekah Boo
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Ok Mango let's me know if you wants to be Facebook friends to. If nots it's ok too.love you all the same.
Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo  - January 3, 2015 
Now let's go skiing
Neil Corwin
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yawnComfy Cat
Bugsy  - April 23, 2016 
Pawsome picture
Caramello  - April 23, 2016 
Thank you!
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