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Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
I don't like mom if hers is mean (telling me no no no all the time)
I don't like my sisfur Pawlette sometimes cause hers eats all my food & what I really really really don't like is peoples that make & sell poison pet food!
Birthdate: 04-29-2008
Gender: Male
Weight: 9lbs
Breed: Siamese
Colorization: Other
Biography: Very spoiled kitty. Married to Karisma (the prettiest girl in the whole world) I like to do NoNos & chew cell phone charger cords & hang out with by furriends.

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Tate just added Mr. Lollycat McNoNo to favorite
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Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo Hello to all! I jumped on here while mommy wasn't looking MOL
Mood: bouncy
 January 18, 2012 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - January 18, 2012 
hi Lolly!!
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
Thank you fur the whipped cream! It worked furry well to get Diogi to share hims yarn ball!
 July 18, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
Happy birthday to you my beautipurr wife! I love you this much & more. *stretches his paws as wide as they will go*
 July 1, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Karisma  - July 1, 2011 
I LOVE you as much as you showed with your cute stretched paws and even MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo  - July 18, 2011 
How cood I have such a bad bad mommy to not let me come see my beautifulest wife?
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
YAY fur you CJ! Now you is Cathugger famous!
 June 16, 2011 - Comment - Like  
CJ  - June 17, 2011 
Thank you Mr. Lolly! I don't knows what to think!!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - June 18, 2011 
You are a very special girl, CJ!!
CJ  - June 19, 2011 
*Blushes* Awww....thank you, Miss Dale!
Oly and Mr. Lollycat McNoNo are now friends.
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Chiara and Mr. Lollycat McNoNo are now friends.
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Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo Thank you soooooooooo much fur my birthday gifties yesterday! My mommy pawmised me that after Monday hers will make pages fur the rest of my furmily!
Mood: bouncy
 April 30, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Moozer  - April 30, 2011 
That will be great Lolly!
Mr. Lollycat McNoNo
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