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Little Bit
Birthdate: 04-11-2008
Gender: Female
Weight: 7lbs
Breed: Domestic Longhair
Colorization: Mackeral Tabby
Biography: Little Bit's mommy cat (Boo-Boo Kitty) was the cat of the people on the other side of our neighbors. She found our food bowl and became good friends with us. Little Bit was the runt, and Smokey and Baby Chiba are her littermates. After Little Bit had her kittens, her people got an eviction notice. They came over and asked us if we knew of any place Little Bit and the kittens could go, since the humane society and the pound would only euthanize them at this point (the height of kitten season). We fostered them, as well as Little Bit's two baby kitten sisters Boo & Michelle, and found all the kittens good homes. Little Bit is now spayed and is inside-only. We are fostering her as a semi-permanent member of our family.

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Hi Little Bit
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Little Bit
Little Bit has updated profile.
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Little Bit
Little Bit  - April 11, 2012 
Thanks, Mama & Cap'n Neil! Our family would love to be on Cathugger more often, but winter's not a good time for Mommy health-wise.
LB  - April 12, 2012 
Well...summer's almost hereboatCruise time!
LB  - April 13, 2012 
Stinky,Shadow,and I are getting a little motorboat for our birthdays on the 15th,in time for the summer!I sure hope you will come for some spins with us.thumbup
Little Bit
Little Bit  - April 13, 2012 
Yeah, that would be soooo fun!!!
Mama  - April 13, 2012 
LB is a really good motorboat driver!
Little Bit
Little Bit Wow! Thank you soooo much for making me Captain of the Week! I can't believe my little eyes! OMCOMCOMCOMCOMC!!!!! *runs around literally bouncing off the walls*
Mood: ecstatic
 October 15, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - October 16, 2011 
you are just so cute, Little Bit!
Dale S Eggers
ConCATS Little Bit on being the newest Captain of the Week!
The ship is yours!!

 October 13, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Neil Corwin
Neil Corwin  - October 14, 2011 
You go Little Bit!
soc dring
soc dring  - October 14, 2011 
WTG Little bit, have a great weekSmile
Little Bit
Little Bit  - October 15, 2011 
OMC!!!!! Thank you, everyone!!!! Hawaii, here we come! Wink
Little Bit
Little Bit and Spooky 2 (angel kitten) are now friends.
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Kali Kat
Hi Little Bit, so glad you got saved. I hope you find a new home soon. Funny thing our little rescue we named Bitsy. She was a tiny cat, very old, so old no one would adopt her. So her temp home became her last home till she left for kitteh heaven. Nice to be furends with you.
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Little Bit
Little Bit  - June 16, 2011 
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your Bitsy! Mommy & Daddy did that for an old lady kitty named Sara Kitty. She was 19 years old! Mommy needs to make a profile for her on here. But Sara Kitty was so sweet; I loved to hang out with her and snuggle. *purrs for your angel Bitsy* I know Sara Kitty will find Bitsy at the Bridge and be friends with her!
Kali Kat
Kali Kat  - June 16, 2011 
thank you. momma cat has a few angel kittehs. Not sure if she wants to make profiles or not.
Little Bit
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Little Bit
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Little Bit
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Little Bit
Little Bit and Missy are now friends.
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