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Duchess Callie
Birthdate: 05-01-2004
Gender: Female
Weight: 15lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Calico
Biography: Duchess Callie is Whisker’s feral fursister. Callie was the first kitten from the five feral kittens to make herself at home with us as an inside cat. We almost lost her when she developed bladder stones that required immediate surgery. With a lot of prayer and tender loving care, she pulled through. She is our miracle kitty.

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Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo just added Duchess Callie to favorite
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Spice just added Duchess Callie to favorite
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Tate just added Duchess Callie to favorite
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Duchess Callie
Duchess Callie sent A Maggie a gift: Best Furiends
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Duchess Callie
I'm so happy to be your furiend Queen Tallulah! I'm sending you soft purrs and warm hugs.
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Duchess Callie
Just pawing by to say good night pretty angel. I'll be up bright and early with you. We're all excited about the Coronation tomorrow! Sweet dreams to you.
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Duchess Callie
Thanks for adding me as your furiend Bugsy! Sending you soft purrs and warm hugs.
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Bugsy  - January 31, 2014 
Thank you for accepting it Duchess Callie
Duchess Callie
Hi Benjamin! Just pawing by to say meow and wish you a good night and sweet dreams. Your furiend, Callie

“A cats function is to sit and be admired.” - Georgina Strickland Gates
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Benjamin  - January 30, 2014 
Hi Callie! A little behind in keeping up. Thanks for pawing by!
Duchess Callie
We'll be furiends and sisters furever!
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