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Birthdate: 03-20-2012
Gender: Female
Weight: 5.6lbs
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colorization: Classic Tabby
Biography: May 20th 2012 Since Dharma and Murray are twins of a sort...or two of a set of quadruplets, his bio & hers are identical. Both were two of a litter of four kittens who someone had put in a cardboard box in the rain & sat it outside to be placed in the trash. If not for an observant building custodian, they would have all died that rainy night. But he heard the tiny mews of newborn kittens & checked the box. Four one day old kittens, three girls & a boy, eyes closed & umbilical cords still attached were in the box. Through a number of phone calls they ended up with my friend Debra & now two are with us. Originally we were only going to take Murray but he & Dharma were so close that we hadn't the heart to separate them. She had to become a member of our family too & we knew immediately on the drive home it was the best decision we could have made! ♥ I think it's time to bring Dharma's bio up to date. Dharma is a daddy's little girl. She gets special preference with everything being "the" little girl & being tiny as well. But don't be fooled by that size! This little girl can (& does) do everything...including leading much more gullible Murray into mischief! She will go somewhere they are not supposed to be & Murray will always follow. A crash or give-away noise will happen, she will flee & leave Murray sitting there to take the heat for whatever's happened. We've gotten wise to this after having them a year now... =} She is about as girlie girl as you're ever going to see. She will see her daddy & stand up on her hind feet...toes really & dance towards him in a flirty little dance. We call her the ballerina when this occurs. And yes, she ALWAYS gets what she wants including little pink princess bowls plus any treat she wants...sigh. She makes out better than I do! =D

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Thank you for the gift dharma
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Dearest Tate, my fambly decided dat since I be well behaved dis Chrissymus an' not climb da tree even once, dat I get to be spokeskitty fur da whole fambly!
We all hope dat yoo, Chad an' yer kitty mommy will have a wonderful Chrissymus wif lots of yummy fings to eat, an' Sandy Claws will dump hundred an' hundreds of new toys down yer chimney.
Oh! An' a cozy blankie too...dey'z da best to get!
Dharma 'n' fambly!
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Dharma - Xmas morning, Dec  25, 2013