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Birthdate: 10-25-2008
Gender: Male
Weight: 16lbs
Breed: Russian Blue
Colorization: Blue
Biography: Ben comes from OH. He is from a family of 4 cats, and he is very friendly and lovable. He likes to carry around catnip pillows and pile them up until he is ready to play with them again!

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Benjamin has posted a blog: 2 nice days in a row
After 2 nice days in a row of temps in the 70's and lot of sunshine, it is gonna change later tonight and rain and all day tomorrow. Poor mom has to walk to work in it and back hom [...]
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Benjamin HiX
i got to go outside yesterday. It was 76* and sunny, but it sure was windy. I don't like wind very much. Mom hates it. I was rolling around on the pavement and letting the sun warm my tummy. Being outside is the best.
I was sleeping on moms bed the other night, right on her pillow next to her and she was hugging me and laid her head on my side and I never moved an inch. It was nice sleeping so close to mom. Usually Kelsee is there and I can't get where I want. Sometimes mom has all 5 of us on her bed and other times just the girls...she never knows who she will be with...KALI is always on her bed though. She is a mom's girl.
Tomorrow mom has to work, so we cant go outside. By the time she gets home, she is tired, but she said if the sun is out and it is warm she will open the back door and let us out. YAY!!!!
Have a nice evening!
Mood: calm
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Kibbles  - May 31, 2019 
Enjoy the outdoors.
Benjamin  - June 5, 2019 
Mom don't see any bugs except for flies and ants outside..she did see me playing with a centipede and stepped on it{she had sandals on}, she told me they bite and to leave them alone. I don't wanna get bit by no bug.
Chester of Catnip Island
Chester of Catnip Island  - June 5, 2019 
Yikes... you are brave going outside... I have never been outdoors never even felt dirt or cement....
Bugsy  - June 6, 2019 
You are very brave Benjamin.
Benjamin  - June 12, 2019 
All of us go outside in the backyard. Mom calls it the concrete jungle. we have no grass anywhere, our entire building is surrounded by cement. no trees either. mom plants flowers in the dirt against the fence.
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Benjamin has posted a blog: Rains came
Hi every kittyclap

Wow. Our rain finally came. They have been saying it was gonna rain all day, but the sun kept trying to come out. Now the rain is here and it is coming down.

The [...]
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Benjamin has posted a blog: Started out sunny
​Good afternoon!

It started out a very nice day. The sun was shining bright and it was warm, but quite windy. Mom opened windows and finally turned the heat off.

Mom got her bike [...]
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Misty  - May 3, 2019 
Thank you Benjamin!
Benjamin  - May 15, 2019 
You are welcome. Hope your birthday was a lot of fun!
Benjamin has posted a blog: Dinner was good
​Good evening

All is well in Hockeytown today. mom is happy, all us cats are happy. The weather not so much. it is still a gloomy day. Lots of rain the past few days.

Momma made [...]
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Benjamin has posted a blog: Sleepy Bunch

What do you do when all your fursibs are sleeping and you are the only kitty awake? me? I climb up on the couch to sit with mom.

Our weather is coolish today. Only in the 5 [...]
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