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Pete  - July 19, 2019 
Welcome Loki, We're going to have fun getting you your pilot's license!
Bugsy  - July 19, 2019 
welcome Loki
Loki1610  - July 26, 2019 
You mean I get to fly???
Pete  - July 26, 2019 
Yes you surely do! We will be giving you lessons and assigning an aircraft for your family to use!
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Sox  - July 2, 2019 
Pete  - July 2, 2019 
Way to go Figgy, I think you are going to like flying!
FIGARO  - July 2, 2019 
I AM THERE, BUT THERE IS NOT A BOX on my page like the rest of my family with my groups listed. Unhappy
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Bugsy  - June 10, 2017 
wecome to the Royal Squadron Benjamin.
Benjamin  - June 17, 2017 
What is this about, "The Royal Squadron?"
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Bugsy  - October 29, 2014 
You will get used to it, just take your time and you will be pawsome Chad.
Pete  - March 6, 2016 
Pete and Goji sat at the booth in the Flightline Cafe, and Pete gave Goji his log book, and flight manual. He added a flight computer and the appropriate checklists for the Cessna Trainer that they would be using. Pete had him sign his student pilots license and his radiotelephone operator license (that would allow him to legally use the aircraft radios)
Pete told him that they would be performing the complete checklist and then starting up and taking off, “once we're airborne I'll turn the aircraft over to you and we'll perform all of the maneuvers in the first chapter. I'll work the radio today but I want you to listen to me and the controllers, on your next lesson, I'll want you to work the radio.”
The waitress refilled their coffee cups and then Pete went through the first lesson objectives in detail, Climbing to and holding a specific altitude, descending to and holding an altitude, turns and banks, turns about a fixed point, s curves along a road, and finally turns to a specific compass heading.
Goji paid close attention and was ready.

Pete paid for their coffee, and Goji packed his materials into his flight bag was ready when Pete led them over to the Cessna 172 Skylane. They began the walk around, checking each item on the check list, Tires hinges on the flaps, elevator, ailerons, rudder they checked the fluid levels in the engine, and all of the wiring in the engine compartment. Then they opened the cockpit doors and began the cockpit checks by turning on the master battery switch, They ran the detailed prestart checklist until it was tome to start the engine, Pete instructed Goji to turn the fuel pump on, select “both” on the fuel tank selector, and set the throttle at start, he made sure the parking brake was set and that Goji's paws were on the brakes. Goji turned the key and the engine caught and started. Pete pointed out the gauges as the temperatures and pressures settled into the green range. They switched from both magneto, to left and then right, before switching back to both. Pete had pointed out the one hundred and fifty rpm drop when the engine was running on a single magneto. “If it ever drops more than that, you have a problem with the ignition system and it needs to be fixed before you fly. Pete tuned the radios to the tower frequency and to unicom (A common frequency where all of the pilots in the area could declare their intention or provide information. Pete activated the emergency receiver and made sure it was tuned to 121.5 Mhz.
Then he said, “Now we ask the tower for clearance!

Pete keyed the microphone and said, “Castle field tower, This is Cessna November One Six Three Four Yankee, Requesting Clearance to taxi from Flightline Aviation to Runway One Nine!”
The tower came back, “Cessna Three Four Yankee, You are cleared to Taxi, hold at Taxiway Golf for traffic and then proceed. Hold short of runway one nine for light jet traffic on final!”
Pete repeated back what the tower had told him, indicating to the tower that he had heard and understood them correctly, and he told Goji, “Okay I've got the aircraft but keep your paws on the controls lightly so you can feel what I'm doing. Goji did as he was asked and he could feel his rudder pedals moving as Pete pressed the controls on his side of the cockpit. Pete released the brakes and increased the throttle. They were moving and Goji was excited!
They stopped at Taxiway Golf and let a turboprop Cessna Caravan pass by and then looking carefully crossed the taxiway and continued to the active runway. They waited a minute or so and then a Lear 35 flashed by touching down on the runway with a burst of smoke from the tires.
Pete waited until the small jet had turned off on a taxiway and then called the tower, “Three four Yankee requesting clearance for take off!”
“Roger Three Four Yankee you are cleared for Takeoff!”
Pete steered the little aircraft onto the center line of the runway and brought the throttle to full power! They accelerated smoothly and at 65 knots (about seventy miles per hour) Pete eased back on the control yoke and they began to climb! Goji couldn't help but laugh in sheer pleasure. They turned out of the pattern and headed due east to the practice area over the farmland near the coast. Then Pete turned the controls over to Goji. They practiced the basic maneuvers and Goji was an excellent student. After overshooting his altitudes only once or twice he quickly learned to settle smoothly at his desired altitude. It was the same with turns. Pete was very pleased and when their hour neared it's end, Pete made a decision. “Let's head back to the field, turn to two seven zero degrees and reduce throttle to establish a level descent of seven hundred feet per minute. When you reach seven hundred feet, level off.”
Goji made the turn and began to descend. At seven hundred feet he leveled off and the field was in sight, Pete called the tower and was granted clearance to land! The flew the down wind leg of the approach, turned ninety degrees on the base leg and then turned one more time to line up on final! Pete said reduce throttle to twelve hundred, and maintain a descent that keeps the runway numbers in the middle of the wind screen if the numbers ae going up you're too steep, and if they're going down you're too shallow, use nose and nose down to hold 70 knots. Goji had it wired. He kept expecting Pete to take the controls, but Pete just sat watching him.
Pete said, “when I say Flare, bring the throttle to idle and bring the yoke back all the way. You're going to hear the stall alarm but that okay!”
They flashed across the fence at the end of the runway at fifty feet and they crossed the numbers at forty. Pete said “Flare!”
Goji closed the throttle, and pulled the yoke back. The stall horn sounded and the wheels chirped as they contacted the runway. Pete said “slow down and turn off at the first taxiway on your left, Then taxi back to the hangar.”
Goji handled the aircraft like and experienced pilot and when he braked to a stop in front of the hangar, Pete told him to shut down and run the shutdown check list.
He did.
Pete asked for his log book and entered today's lesson. Under comments he wrote, student displays exceptional ability and coordination!
They climbed out, and Pete said, that was a very nice landing Goji, come on I'll buy lunch!
Goji  - March 7, 2016 
Thank you so much for today's lesson Pete. It really means so much to me that you are taking the time to teach me to fly. It's been a dream since I was a kitten. You are a true friend Pete, you are like a brother to me Smile
Pete  - March 12, 2016 
Goji & Pete Lesson 2

It had rained before dawn and the tarmac was wet, but the sun had risen into a clearing sky. As was their custom, Pete and Goji had met at the Flight Line Cafe to have breakfast and go over the lesson plan for their flight.
Tuna, a friend of Pete and his family, came over and after Pete introduced her to Goji, she asked what they would like for breakfast. Pete said, “I'll have my usual, Tuna.”
Tuna said, Let's see, That would be a short stack of whole wheat pancakes half a grapefruit, one poached egg, and a slice of turkey bacon. I'll bring that with your butter and syrup on the side.
Pete smiled and thanked her, Then she turned to Goji and said, “What can I get for you Goji?”
Goji, said, “Pete's regular sounds good to me! May I have a glass of orange juice too please.”
Tuna went behind the counter, put their orders in and came back to refill their coffee cups.
Pete added creamer to his and took a sip. Then he said, “Okay Goji, today you'll be working the radio. Did you listen to the CD that's included with you Flight Training Manual?”
Goji nodded, “I did, I listened to it several times, and it's starting to make more sense to me now. The Controllers talk kind of fast, don't they?”
Pete said, “They do, because they're usually very busy. That's why it's so important to repeat back to them, what you understood the to say. Miscommunication can have very serious consequences in the air.”
Goji said, “I actually practiced with the CD, Repeating back the instructions and clearances.”
Pete said, “Excellent, so tell me what we're going to do today.”
Goji said, “We'll go out to the aircraft and perform our pre-flight checks, using the checklist, and then we'll take off and fly to the practice area, where I'll fly the basic maneuvers. Then we'll practice stalls and recoveries. After that we'll return to the field, where I'll perform three touch and go maneuvers, with a full stop landing after the third touch and go.”
Tuna brought their breakfast and they both ate in friendly silence for a few moments. Then Pete said, “Tell me about stalls Goji, what does it mean when I say the aircraft is stalling?”
Goji said, “We'll it doesn't have anything to do with the engine stalling. The term refers to the loss of lift that occurs when the aircraft is at an excessive climb angle with insufficient speed of air over the wings. Today we'll be practicing low power stalls and then power on stalls. “
Pete asked, “How do you recover from a stall?”
Two ways both involve increasing airflow over the wings, the first is to drop the nose and accelerate and the second is to add power, I guess there are really three ways, sometimes you need a combination of both.”
Pete smiled, “When is a stall a good thing?”
Goji said, “When you're landing, you want the aircraft to stall at exactly the instant the wheels touch down.”
Pete paid for their breakfast and left Tuna a generous tip. Then he and Goji walked out to the trainer. Pete stood back and watched as Goji performed a thorough preflight inspection.
Goji asked Pete to climb aboard and fasten his seat belt. The two of them put on their headsets and Goji started the engine. When he had completed his checks he called the tower and said, Castle Field Tower, This Cessna November One Six Three Four Yankee, requesting clearance to Runway One Niner!
The Tower came back, “Three Four Yankee you are cleared to Runway One Niner hold short for traffic on final approach.”
Goji released the brakes and gave the aircraft throttle, steering confidently along the taxiway. He held short and he and Pete watched Royal Gulfstream Supersonic Transport flash by landing smoothly. Pete told Goji, That's Thunderfoot bringing guests to the Castle.
Goji asked how fast is that jet?
Pete said, “It can operate at up to two and half times the speed of sound.”
Goji asked for and received clearance for takeoff. He turned onto the centerline of the runway and accelerated to takeoff speed. He established a god rate of climb and turned out of the pattern heading east to the practice area.
Once there Pete called maneuvers and Goji executed. He did turns around a point on the ground, compensating for the wind to keep the turn uniform. Then he did s-curves along one of the straight arm roads. He climbed and descended to selected altitudes and finally they practiced stalls. Pete said, “I'll do one and then you try it. Pete leveled the aircraft and with out increasing throttle brought the nose higher and higher the aircraft began to shudder and the stall warning sounded. Pete dropped the nose and let the speed come, then he leveled off, added power and regained the altitude they had lost. He said, “Your turn, Goji. Try to feel the stall, before the alarm sounds.”
Goji checked the air space around him, and then began raising the nose. The aircraft slowed and he felt the slight shudder, just before the alarm sounded. He dropped the nose and the aircraft was diving. He eased up, increased power and got back to altitude. He told Pete, “I kind of overdid it there, should I try that again?”
Pete said, don't feel bad, everybody over-controls on the first couple of those. You just want to get the airplane flying properly again. Try another one, see if yo can make it a little smoother this time.”
Goji did a very nice stall and recovery. Power on stalls though more “exciting” went just as well. Pete demonstrated flying on the backside of the power curve, but did not ask Goji to perform it. Pete explained that the technique could be used to get into very short airfields. “We'll cover that in a later lesson.”
As they headed back to the field, Goji went over his pre-landing checklist.
He called Castle Field Tower and was cleared to do his touch and go maneuver with a full stop landing after the third. He flew the pattern, lining up perfectly on final, he added flap, reduced power and touched down smoothly, with the stall alarm sounding at the instant the landing gear touched down.
Goji was all smiles as he taxied back to the hangar!
He ran his shut down check list and secured the aircraft. He and Pete went to the cafe to fill out his log book!
It was a great lesson!
Goji  - March 13, 2016 
Another wonderful day, I'm very happy I'm doing so well, always was a quick learner. I have a great instructor!! Those stall maneuvers were quite helpful today, I understand them so much more actually performing them.
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Chester  - August 27, 2014 
Cool picture....
Pete  - August 27, 2014 
Thanks Chester, We can assign one of these to you too if you like you could haul a lot of kitties to our travel sites!
Bugsy  - August 27, 2014 
How pawsome
Chester  - August 27, 2014 
Sure Pete.. anything to help transport kitties... thanks for trusting me...
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Pete has uploaded a photo "caravan passenger interior" to the group "The Royal Squadron"
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Pete has uploaded a photo "grand caravan luxury interior" to the group "The Royal Squadron"
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Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots has uploaded a photo "RumpyFlyingStearman" to the group "The Royal Squadron"
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Ms. Murphy
Ms. Murphy  - July 23, 2014 
Welcome to the Squadron, Einstein!
Ms. Murphy
Ms. Murphy  - July 23, 2014 
Great Photo Rumpy, When he was eighteen, our dad helped a man replace the covering on a Stearman in return for flying time! Dad said when you fly the Stearman early in the morning, you can smell breakfast cooking down below. He love it! Tail Draggers are fun!
Spice  - July 30, 2014 
Welcome to all and lets have a race!
Smokey Jay
Smokey Jay  - August 7, 2014 
that sounds so pawsome I bet it was lots of fun.
Pete  - August 7, 2014 
Way to go Rumpy, You're looking very cool there in that open cockpit. The Stearman is a great way to fly!
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Eclipse jet take off
Pete wrote at July 2, 2019
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Welcome to the Royal Squadron Figgy!
Pete wrote at September 16, 2014
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With the kids safely in school, A K Malachi and Whiskers hurried back to the SUV and turned toward the airfield. It was still raining hard when Whiskers drove through the security gate and on to the airfield, He drove slowly and approached hangar #4, where A K Malachi’s Cessna Grand Caravan awaited their arrival. Whiskers used his smart phone to send the code that opened the hangar doors, and drove inside. The cavernous building was dimly lit by security lights and was dry and cool.
A K Malachi climbed out of the SUV walked to the circuit breaker panel and switched on the overhead lights. They looked outside where sheets of rain driven by strong gusts swept across the tarmac.
Whiskers shook his head, “I’m thinking maybe we ought to wait a while and see if the weather moderates some. What do you think?”
A K Malachi nodded, “I think I’m going to do the ground checks in the hangar. And when I get done, I’m going to check the weather again. I’m not going to try to takeoff in that weather. There could be hail in some of those squalls and I sure don’t want to chip the paint on the Caravan.”
The two Toms began the preflight inspection.
Talley and Princess Ana had gone aboard and were stowing the lunch in the refrigerator. Whiskers had placed the ladder by the wing so that Malachi could do the visual check on the fuel quantity and then he retrieved the luggage from the SUV. He took it aboard and placed it in the aft luggage area. He switched on the Master Switch and the Panel came to life. The aircraft had its own highspeed internet which initialized quickly.
Whiskers rejoined Malachi and they completed all of the ground checks. The rain continued unabated.
They began the cabin checks and when they finished Malachi brought up the aviation weather link on the aircraft’s flight computer. The forecast was for scattered thunderstorms in the morning, followed by mid-day clearing and return of the storms in the afternoon and evening. He called up Castle Fields weather radar imagery and looked at the reds and yellows that were marching across the screen, but off to the west was a clear area. It was moving toward the field.
He said, “It looks like we’ve got a break in the weather coming this way. Talley had brewed a pot of Venetian coffee in the small galley and she said, “Well then, why don’t we have coffee and a nice chat. When the weather breaks, we can roll the aircraft out and you can be on your way.”
They chatted happily; the conversation was about the sleepover and sports day that was coming up at Ana’s home. It would be lots of fun with board games snacks and conversation tonight and good healthy exercise and fun outdoor games tomorrow.
Every so often Malachi glanced at the radar and at last he saw a clear area approaching and he said, “I think this is our break. Let’s get the aircraft outside and I’ll activate our flight plan.”
Whiskers attached the electric tow unit to the nosewheel and with the press of a button began to roll the big aircraft toward the open hangar doors. The rain had decreased to a drizzle. Malachi began the start sequence and when the big turbo prop was running, Talley and Whiskers said goodbye and climbed from the aircraft. Ana and Malachi waved happily as Ana retracted the steps and secured the hatch.
Malachi taxied out, and Talley and Whiskers watched as the Caravan turned on to the runway, surged forward and climbed into the sky.
Whiskers hugged Talley close, and said, “They seem to be as happy as we are!”
Talley replied, “Maybe close, but I don’t think any couple could ever be as happy as we are!”
Back at the House Callie and Maggie had their heads together as the planned what to make to take to the Sleep Over and Sports Day. They would need snacks for the sleep over, and more hearty fare for the sports day activities. Pete was with them and he suggested, “Since it’s likely to be cool tomorrow, why don’t you make a big pot of chili, with tortilla chips and various toppings like cheese, peppers, green onion and cilantro.”
Both Maggie and Callie liked the idea and wrote it down.
Whiskers said, “Angel Malachi and Ana are safely airborne. The weather was marginal but there was a break and once they get up to twenty thousand feet it should be okay.”
Pete said, “That’s good I was a little worried about the weather, it seemed that the system slowed down, it was supposed to be clear this morning.”
An hour later it was clear and there was a nice breeze, Talley asked Whiskers if he felt like a run and he said that he would love a run with her. She packed to small back packs with water and energy bars and they set off, Talley leading and Whiskers trailing as he enjoyed the view of his beautiful wife. They set a steady jog up to the picnic clearing and took a break; they drank water and looked out over the lake. The Eagles and Ospreys were fishing. Someone, (she didn’t recognize the bright yellow rowboat) was fishing, drifting slowly on the breeze and occasionally casting a shiny lure. Twice while they were watching, the cat jerked the line and reeled in nice sized fish.
Whiskers said, “”That sort of looks like Storm, but I’ve never seen that boat on the lake before. Look, whoever it is rowing toward the shore.”
Talley said, “I’ll race you down to the lake.” She took off down the steep slope, from time to time she had to leap from one ledge to the next below it. Whiskers marveled at how agile she was. She was like a racing free spirit! He caught glimpses of white and black fur as she darted through the underbrush.
It wasn’t even close, Talley reached the white sandy shore of the lake and looked back to see Whiskers just emerging from the tree line. He joined her and they waved at the boater. Sure enough it was Storm, He had a cooler of fresh fish in the neat little yellow rowboat, and as he pulled the boat up on to the beach, he spotted Whiskers and Talley. He smiled happily and greeted them. “I thought I’d see if I could catch dinner for us, and I’ve already got enough for a couple of dinners. Chloe said that if I caught them she would fry them for us. Talley said, “Why don’t you come by the house and pick some veggies and salad greens to go with the fish.”
Storm said, “Thanks, I will. It won’t be long before our plot in the community greenhouse is producing enough for us to use. All of the lettuce seedlings that flower gave us, are growing beautifully.”
Whiskers admired the trim little rowboat, “This is so cool, when did you get it?”
Storm smiled proudly, “Inky, Bobby and I built it. We ordered the plans from Chesapeake Boats and built it in the schools shop class. Don’t tell them, but we’re building one just like it for Flower and his sisters.”
Whiskers said, “You guys are wonderful. They’ll love it!”
Storm said, “Come look at this.” He led Talley and Whiskers to the little boat, and lifted up the seats revealing foam filled spaces. He said, “This little boat can be filled with water and it won’t sink. The video on line shows people in it paddling with the boat filled with water. It’s a really nice design and easy to build. We built a little trailer cart and we can tow it behind our bicycles. It’s light enough to be easy to handle by one cat.
I was just going to have my lunch would you like to join me; I’ve got an extra sandwich.”
Talley said, “We have some snacks too. We’d love to join you.”
Storm spread his blanket and took out a thermos of Iced Nip tea. He opened his Bologna and cheese sandwiches and opened a small bag of chips. The sandwiches had lettuce tomato and mustard and looked tasty. They ate in companionable silence and then after cleaning up their scraps, Storm climbed back in his boat and began rowing back to where he had launched his boat.
Talley and Whiskers looked at the sky and decided that they would head for home. Talley lead the way, climbing carefully up the steep slope. At the top, they paused a moment to catch their breath and then began to jog home. The rains came. They were soaked. When they ran onto the deck and under the canopy of the outdoor kitchen, Orangie saw them and brought towels. They thanked her and laughed happily as they dried one another’s fur. Pete sat on the sofa with a copy of Flying magazine in his lap. He flipped through the pages and put it aside. “You two got soaked, are you okay?”
Talley replied that she was a little bit chilly and said that she was going upstairs to shower and change into dry clothes. Whiskers told Pete, “You should see the neat little boat that Storm Bobby and Inky, built. In fact, when I get back from taking a shower, I’ll show it to you. I know where they got the plans and we can find it on line.”
Whiskers hurried upstairs to join his wife in showering and changing and Pete asked Pearl if he could help with anything in the kitchen. Pearl looked around, Murphy and raven were making ice cream, Maggie was baking a dark chocolate cake, Callie was preparing the veggies and meat for the Chili, and Orangie and Whitey were making Quiche and salad for dinner. Pearl said, “Pete you are so sweet to ask, but I think one more kitty in the kitchen wouldn’t help. In fact, I know Talley wants to make mini-apple pies for tomorrow and I just hope she can find enough counter space to work.”
Pete laughed, “Just let me know if I can be of any service then.”
When Whiskers came back he brought his laptop with him and went to the boat plan website, he found the rowboats and then located the one that their friends had built. They both admired the trim little craft. When Whiskers told Pete that the boys were building one for Flower and his sisters Pete was delighted. Those guys are great. Thoughtful smart hard working, they are really good friends!
Talley had found space in the kitchen and was humming happily as she peeled and sliced apples.
The boys found the plans for a small sail boat and began wondering if it might not be fun to build a couple of those that they could race on the lake.
It was going to be a long cold winter and having a nice indoor project might make for pleasant afternoons and evenings.
It was a rainy day, but a happy one.
Pete wrote at September 7, 2014
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Talley and Whiskers helped clear the table, while Pete saw Neekah Boo off with Angels Lucy Sylvie and Flower. Angel K Malachi sat in front of his laptop studying the weather and planning his flight. When he was done, he inserted a memory stick in the computer and downloaded his flight plan to it. Once he was in the Grand Caravan, he would load the data into the flight computer.
Pete sat down across the table from him. Pete slid a folder across the table to him. Pete said, “I need to give you all of this before you leave. This is a contract for hangar space at your local airfield; this is a Royal Squadron credit card for fuel, fees and minor maintenance. You can also put meals on it that you buy when you’re away from home. Major Maintenance can be done, by bringing the aircraft here, or by having our maintenance crews come to you. With regard to making arrangements for maintaining the aircraft, just call Angel Lucy and she’ll take care of it.” Pete also slid a spare set of keys across the table.
Maggie finished packing a lunch for him to take aboard. She had prepared shrimp salad sandwiches, Macadamia, white chocolate cookies and a thermos of peach iced tea. Princess Ana watched as the Maggie explained that she was leaving the top of the thermos, slightly loose so that the pressure could escape when they climbed, Maggie said, “If you close it tight on the ground, and then open it at a higher altitude, the contents sort of gush out all at once.”
Ana understood the logic of it but she hadn’t thought of it and would probably have closed the thermos tight creating a big mess at twenty thousand feet.
Pete came back inside he had been sitting on the deck for a while just thinking about how happy Neekah Boo had seemed yesterday and last night. Sure then had been sadness in her eyes when she would think of Fatty, but being with kitties who loved her and appreciated her was of some help. He made a note to do something very special for on Tuesday to celebrate her second birthday.
The family was preparing to go down to the airfield to bid Angel K Malachi and Ana farewell as they left to return to their home. Talley and Whiskers had changed into flight suits. Pete suspected that they would be taking advantage of the rising thermals to do some soaring in their Taurus. Flower and his sisters had made a book of sketches for Malachi and Ana. There were sketches of them at the airfield, with the new Grand Caravan; there was one that Flower had done from a photograph of Whiskers and Malachi soaring above Mount Sylvestris. There were some twenty sketches in all and they had bound them into a lovely coffee table book. When they presented it to Ana and Malachi, they were reward with hugs and amazement. Ana said, “You are the most wonderful kids in the whole world.”
Malachi hugged each of them. “Thank you so much! This is a wonderful gift.
Pete helped carry the luggage out to his SUV and Flower tagged along. He asked, “Uncle Pete, I was watching Uncle Whiskers do those aerobatics and it looked like so much fun, do you think sometime my sisters and could go up and do some aerobatics like that?”
Pete said, “Flower, let’s go ask your mom, and if it’s all right with her, we’ll go up this afternoon. She may have other things that she needs you to do, so don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t want us to go up today, okay?”
Flower nodded and he and Pete went back in and found his mom in the kitchen, looking at recipes that she was considering for dinner.
Pete asked, “Pearl, the kids would like to do some aerobatics and we were wondering if it would be okay with you, if we went up this afternoon. We won’t do anything dangerous. What do you think?
Pearl looked at Flower, standing by Pete and holding his breath for her answer. She said, I think that sounds marvelous, I wonder if Mitch and I could get a ride too.”
Pete said, “You most certainly can! I’ll take the kids down to the airfield and we’ll see Ana and Malachi off then we’ll get the Eclipse Jet out and preflight it. It should be a fun afternoon.”
Flower seemed to be quivering with excitement. Pete tousled his fur and said, “Go get into your flight suit, and bring your sisters down.”
Flower ran from the room. Pearl said, “Thank you, Pete, Flower is so happy.”
Pete told her to bring Mitch, and come down to the field. “We’ll meet at the Flight Line Café.”
Flower and his sisters ran down the stairs. Tabitha asked, “Uncle Pete are we really going to do loops?”
“Do you want to do loops, Tabitha?”
She nodded and Pete said, “Then, we’ll do loops. Do you remember the airshow at the coronation with the jets doing loops and rolls and starburst climbs? That’s what we’ll do!”
They clapped their paws in delight.
Whiskers and Talley pulled out and headed down the road with Malachi and Ana riding with them. Whiskers drove onto the Tarmac and stopped by the Grand Caravan.
Pete and the kids pulled up behind them. Pete took the luggage out and stored it aboard the aircraft. Ana carefully carried the lunch container aboard and stored their food in the refrigerator. She carefully placed their coffee on the galley counter and secured it with strap. Malachi began his preflight check and methodically circled the aircraft. When he was through with the exterior checks he climbed into the cockpit and turned on the master switch bring the electronics to life. He loaded their flight plan and ran the cockpit checks. He came to the hatch and retracted the steps, he gave the family a salute and said, “We can’t thank you enough for this wonderful weekend, we’ll see you again soon. Kids, I’ll see you in school tomorrow. We have another lesson on the cats of ancient Egypt.”
Malachi secured the hatch and climbed back into the left seat, He called “Clear Prop” and the big turboprop whined into life, He taxied out and moments later he and Ana were airborne.
Talley and Whiskers said that they were going to go soaring and Pete told them that he and the kids were having an afternoon of aerobatics.
Pete rolled the Eclipse Jet out of the hangar and completed his ground checks. Then he took the kids and went in to the Café to wait for Mitch and Pearl. The wait was short and as Mitch and Pearl walked in the kids spotted Talley and Whiskers taking of in the Taurus.
As they reached ten thousand feet, Whiskers shut the engine off and retraced, He turned toward the mountain and the cumulous clouds that were rising on the eastern face. Talley placed her paw on whiskers leg and said, “This is wonderful, why haven’t we done it more?”
Whiskers said, “We live very busy lives, and we have lots of interests. But you’re right we should make more time for this. It’s almost like meditation. The soared the cloud canyons and danced along the high corridors. Talley thought it felt like a sacred time and place. She said, “Whiskers, you are my greatest treasure in life your love for me is as important to me as the air that I breathe. Thank you for making me your wife.”
Whiskers turned to her and said, “Talley if you weren’t my wife I would have never known true happiness.”
They rode the thermals for the better part of two hours, As they turned toward the airfield they saw an Eclipse Jet drop the nose to dive and gain speed, then pull into an inside loop. As it came over the top it began a crisp eight point hesitation roll. They touched down and rolled to a stop on the grass. Whiskers started the engine and taxied to their hangar. They secured the Taurus and walked out to the front of the runway side of the café where a small crowd had gathered to watch the impromptu airshow. The Jet made a high speed pass at the edge of the pattern, rolling inverted half way down the runway. Then the jet climbed back to pattern altitude, slowed and circled into the pattern to land.
Talley said, “Looks like we missed the show. That’s got to be Pete flying; I don’t know anyone besides you, who flies that precisely.”
Whiskers said, “Well I can think of some of our friends who are that good.” As the Eclipse Jet taxied toward the apron Talley and Whiskers walked around to meet Pete,
They were surprised when the door opened and Flower came running down, followed by his sisters and then Pearl and Mitch.
Talley laughed, “Only Pete would fly a precision aerobatic routine with a full load of passengers.” Pete secured the aircraft and joined his laughing happy passengers for hugs. Pearl saw Talley and said, Talley we just had the most amazing experience. I understand completely why Flower loves flying so much. I almost think I want to learn!”
Flower and his sisters shouted, “Oh momma, do it, learn to fly!”
Mitch was smiling broadly as he hugged Pearl.
It had been a great afternoon and it was going to be a great family evening too. Callie, Orangie, Whitey and Angel Maggie had been busy preparing Spaghetti and meatballs. They had made fresh bruschetta and a huge fresh salad. Raven and Murphy had rented Planes 2 for the evening movie and they had made cannoli for dessert.”
After dinner, and after the movie, Talley and Whiskers knelt by their bed, and said their prayers. They included prayers of thanks for answered prayers and they included prayers for the sad and ill kitties and pawrents. When they finished, Talley added a prayer of thanks for miracle that was her husband Whiskers, He smiled and added his own prayer of thanks for Talley.
They snuggled together, luxuriating in the feel of their soft fur. They kissed and fell into wonderful dreams of dancing on the clouds to soft strains of “till then”
Pete wrote at July 17, 2014
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Great idea, Kibbles let's get in our flight suits and go flying!
Kibbles wrote at July 17, 2014
0 Votes
It's a beautiful day for flying!
Anyone wants to go?
Francis wrote at March 19, 2014
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Good Afternoon To you All!
It's raining here so guess we won't be flying here.
Hey Pete, Where we going today and what's we gonna do?
Spice wrote at March 15, 2014
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If you have room for another, I'd love to go too...I am good at jumping around and summersaults too10900
Francis wrote at March 15, 2014
0 Votes
Pete, I would love to go with you!
Thanks for asking.
Aerobatics are my special-T at home.
Pete wrote at March 13, 2014
1 Vote
Well, Francis, I need to get some hours in on our T-38, would you like to go for a supersonic ride? Maybe with a few aerobatics?
Francis wrote at March 13, 2014
0 Votes
Good Morning All!
I haven't had my first flying lesson yet..but I an waiting to has some fun with the rest of you. Is anyone brave enough to take me with them...just for the ride?eek
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