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Gatos & Pirates Room
Talk like a Pirate Day
#1 September 7, 6:51 am
Talk like a Pirate Day
Every September has talk like a Pirate Day.

Sept 19, 2011 is coming up quick!

Arrrrr Who is gonna be here talking like a pirate?

The Captain may make you walk the plank if you don't !!!
#2 September 19, 9:45 am
arrr where be ye skally wags? today be da day! arrrrrr! I shall keel haul the whole bunch of ye and take yer ship!
#3 September 19, 11:51 am
AAAARRRGGG--Shiver me timbers!
Happy Birthday Kali Kat!!
#4 September 19, 11:51 am
And Mazi too!
#5 September 19, 11:55 am
Well blow me down...
This ship is overrun with pirates today!!
#6 September 19, 3:29 pm
Thank ye Moozer, I offer ye a bottle of catnip rum to celebrate me birthday, err our birthday, me & me brother...the scally way boi. MOL

Ahoy Sealegs! It is grand to see ye here aboard the pirate ship.

Yo ho yo ho a pirate kitteh's life for me!
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