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Recipes for Kitties
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#16 January 1, 6:47 am
(from our friend Ted E. Bear)

This will get your socks moving before you know what hit ya!!

Cat Fell Off the Wagon

Here's a great, insanely simple catnip tea to treat your feline friends. You can substitute chicken broth or chicken soup for the bouillon and water if you choose.


1 C. warm water
3 Tbs. dried catnip or fresh catnip
1/4 tsp. instant chicken broth, powdered


Place the warm water in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Add the catnip and chicken broth. Shake vigorously for a couple minutes or until the bouillon is dissolved and the catnip has given the tea a greenish tinge. Serve 1/4 C. of the tea to your cat in a shallow bowl. Store the remainder in the refrigerator. Warm before serving.
#17 January 1, 6:48 am
(from our friend Ted E. Bear)

Another yummie for your tummie

Kitty Heaven (Sardines and Rice)

2 flat cans of sardines in oil
2/3 C. cooked rice
1 Tbs. cooked chopped liver
1/4 C. parsley, chopped


Combine all ingredients. Stir with a wooden spoon to break up sardines into bite-sized pieces. Store unused portion in refrigerator, tightly covered.

Yield: 2 servings

This one will have your feet in the air and purring harder than you ever have before!!

Fabulous Feline Fish Balls

3 baby carrots, cooked until soft
2 6 oz. cans tuna in olive oil, drained
2 oz. cooked herring, skin removed
2 Tbs. whole grain breadcrumbs or oatmeal
2-3 Tbs. grated cheese
2 tsp. Brewer's yeast
Several pinches of chopped catnip
1 large egg, beaten
2 Tbs. tomato paste (not ketchup)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mash the carrots with the fish, breadcrumbs or oatmeal, cheese, Brewer's yeast, catnip, egg and tomato paste to an even paste. Mold into small balls and put on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 15-20 minutes, checking frequently. The fishballs should be golden brown and feel firm. Cool thoroughly. Refrigerate extras.
#18 January 1, 7:01 am
(from our friend Sassy)

Cheesy/Meaty Kitty Burritos!
A quick snack for your kitty!

A small slice of Lunch meat (Ham, Chicken, Turkey, whatever your kitty likes best!)
1 small slice of cheese (Cats can have a small amount of cheese without getting digestive upset)

Lay the slice of cheese on top of the meat. Then roll up both items. Put it in a microwaveable bowl (the cheese might melt and spread). Microwave it for 10-30 seconds.
Take the Cheesy Burrito out of the bowl.
Now you have your treat!
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