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Chef Skylar's Open Restaurant
Main Restaurant
#1 May 29, 5:46 pm
Main Restaurant
Color scheme: Blue walls with glittery stars, silver floor, a bar on one side with a large window next to it overlooking a deck & spacious park. Fireplace on the inside wall with cozy couches around it. Tables with white tablecloths set in groups around the restaurant.
#2 May 30, 3:00 am
*Tabby carries the "Grand Opening" banner out to the front door, and uses a helium tank to blow up balloons to tie on the backs of the chairs*

(See the group photos for a picture of the sign.)
#3 January 7, 7:03 pm
Welcome to the first Saturday Sit-Down Dinner since we opened on Cathugger! Tonight's specials are listed here.
#4 January 7, 8:55 pm
*Skylar and family eat their dinners and hope that some friends will join them next Saturday* Leftovers will be in the fridge in the kitchen if anyone wants to snack on them.
#5 January 7, 10:18 pm
thank you Skylar...
What a wonderful thing this is!
We thank you so much for starting it.

We are just so sad tonight without our Moozer. There is a hole in the furmily.
Last update on January 15, 3:27 am by Dale S Eggers.
The Archangel Crew~~
#6 January 8, 1:52 am
We understand completely, Dale, and we're all here when you want to reach out to us. Mom felt the same way when I left. Our thoughts and purrrrayers are with you all.
#7 January 14, 7:08 pm
Welcome to the Saturday Sit-Down Dinner! Tonight's menu is here.
#8 January 15, 3:30 am
i think we need to post earlier in the week so people and furs remember that this is taking place!

Tonight was my birthday...otherwise we would have been here.

Thanks for doing this. Smile
The Archangel Crew~~
#9 January 15, 4:50 am
Good idea, Dale! Happy birthday to you! *brings out a cake for Auntie Dale*
#10 January 21, 7:04 pm
Welcome to the Saturday Sit-Down Dinner! Tonight, we're having a serve-yourself soup & sandwich bar, because our computer is being difficult. The menu is here, and feel free to seat yourself. Next weekend, we'll be here to serve you again.
#11 February 17, 10:38 am
Sorry I missed that dinner.
I sound YUMMY for my tummy.
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