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Chef Skylar's Open Restaurant
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#1 January 1, 7:14 am
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Chef Skylar's Restaurant pics: Pictures of what our restaurant looks like, rooms, etc.

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Simon's meowm's art/pottery store and Simon's blog: Simon's blog, cat and dog pottery, art, cards, cute cat cook aprons, and more. Excellent site!

Photo album in memory of Laurel: The password is "Laurel". Please add your own pictures, and forward to all who knew her. This is for everyone, on and off Cathugger.

Laurel Jaffer's Memorial Guest Book (Tampa Tribune/Legacy.com)
#2 January 1, 2:47 pm
YAY! Sit down dinners at "Chef Skyler's Open Restaurant" are on Saturdays between 4:00&6:00PM(Pacific time)
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#3 January 1, 3:45 pm
Meowlo Skylar!! So happy to see you here!
i think its going to be a great 2012~~
The Archangel Crew~~
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#4 January 25, 5:30 am
We are going to change the time of the dinners, because our family's schedule has changed. We'll keep you posted!
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