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Wedding of Isis and Remus
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#106 May 1, 5:43 pm
Thank you Moozer! What a fine job.

Hello Hazel Lucy, didn't see you up with Quinn, Missy and the other angels.
Thank you everyone for coming to our wedding! I apologize for mommy being so SLOW! Changing between us takes forever with her puter.

Isis my love shall we go forth to the reception?
#107 May 1, 5:44 pm
*Pie giggles at all the angel dust falling. She decides she liked Wil's kiss so much that she kisses him again as they are all covered in twinkling angel dust.*winkiss
#108 May 1, 5:44 pm
Yes Remus.
The Dirty Dozen
#109 May 1, 5:45 pm
clap *claps her little paws at the wedding, then runs over and jumps in Auntie Pie's paws and whipers in her ear

What was my brother doing to your face? eek

*runs over to congratulate Isis
#110 May 1, 5:46 pm
*Pie gives Hallie a big hug and sets her down gently.* Oh nothing sweetie......he thought I had something in my eye.sneaky2
#112 May 3, 7:34 am
Big concats to the happy couple. Love & hugs from Alfie & family
Displaying 106 to 112 of 112
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