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Wedding of Isis and Remus
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#31 May 1, 5:14 pm
Ok Gang, this is our first gig, are we ready!
#32 May 1, 5:14 pm
*Pie waves up at Mak and Thomas.*
#33 May 1, 5:15 pm
Wil and Pie scoot up to the front of the chapel so they can hear and see everything
#34 May 1, 5:15 pm
*comes in and goes to join the band* I am heres to help with the musics too. And to sees Remus and Isis gets married!
#35 May 1, 5:15 pm
Okay Remus is here and now for Isis to make her entrance...

click on the music
#36 May 1, 5:15 pm
Oh boy!! *Claps paws* our first gig.
#37 May 1, 5:15 pm
We're ready Ci!!!punk
#38 May 1, 5:16 pm
*starts walking up the aisle*
The Dirty Dozen
#39 May 1, 5:16 pm
*Pie sits next to Wil and smiles.* The first wedding here! How cool is that?
#40 May 1, 5:16 pm
*whispers to Remus
Doesnt Isis look beautipurr?
#41 May 1, 5:17 pm
Isis my love, look at all the friends that showed up! We are truly blessed. I am truly blessed I am ready to be your fur husband for ever and ever.

(If mum's stoooopid computer would just speed up a bit)
#42 May 1, 5:17 pm
say something!!
#43 May 1, 5:17 pm
I think I'm going to faint!
The Dirty Dozen
#44 May 1, 5:18 pm
Psssssssssssst F5
The Dirty Dozen
#45 May 1, 5:19 pm
Now i have the lovely couple before me...
we can begin the ceremony!
Displaying 31 to 45 of 112
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