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Wedding of Isis and Remus
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#16 May 1, 5:08 pm
No my dear I don't think it will be quiet. Not with Ci's band and kittens.
Welcome Pie, Welcome Wilson, glad you could come.

Are you ready to be married my Sweet Isis?
#17 May 1, 5:09 pm
Yes we are here I think Moozer..mol!
The Dirty Dozen
#18 May 1, 5:09 pm
*Ziggy runs in and goes to join Ci and The Bacon Wrapped Mousies.* Hi everyone!!
#19 May 1, 5:09 pm
*sneaks up behind Ci and covers his eyes with her paws* Guezz who iz herez to helpz you with the muzicz?
#20 May 1, 5:10 pm
scooter *drives in the door and comes skidding to a stop eek
#21 May 1, 5:11 pm
OMC i found you guys...
This was supposed to be a surprise
a few of your furiends have gathered to see you get married.
Are you interested in getting married right this very minute??
#22 May 1, 5:11 pm
*waves at everyone*
The Dirty Dozen
#23 May 1, 5:12 pm
*Stands at the ready, not sure what to do. Sees his beautiful Isis with blue flowers in her fur, and a sparkle in her eyes*
#24 May 1, 5:12 pm
Yes I am Moozer!
The Dirty Dozen
#25 May 1, 5:12 pm

Some special music...
#26 May 1, 5:13 pm
Click on it and we will start.
#27 May 1, 5:13 pm
angel angel *Mak flies in with Thomas and the two angel boys sit on a beam with a large bag of angel dust in their paws
#28 May 1, 5:13 pm
*Runs and gives Remus a big kiss*
The Dirty Dozen
#29 May 1, 5:13 pm
Remus, please come stand next to me up here.
#30 May 1, 5:14 pm
Oh my,such beautiful music..I am feeling lightheaded!
The Dirty Dozen
Displaying 16 to 30 of 112
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