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Wedding of Isis and Remus
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#1 May 1, 4:55 pm
Wedding of Isis and Remus
Well! Seems my brother Remus and his pretty Isis couldn't keep their wedding a total secret. GinnyBean told Afton and Gerta and, well, silly little gossip girls let the secret loose. I'm Ci and I'm hoping some of the members of Bacon Wrapped Mousies heard the rumor and show up to play!

*Starts setting up band equipment*
#2 May 1, 4:56 pm
*Pokes his head in the chapel to see that everything looks good. The first wedding on Cathugger. Wipes paws in nerves*
#3 May 1, 4:59 pm
Where are you Remus???001_unsure
The Dirty Dozen
#4 May 1, 4:59 pm
eek Oh here you are, Isis and Moozer are looking for you buddy!
#5 May 1, 5:02 pm
*pads in quietly and gets the musicians going...

#6 May 1, 5:04 pm
*Pie strolls in and looks around. She spots Wil and heads over after waving at everyone.*

Hi Wil!! You're looking handsome!
#7 May 1, 5:05 pm
*Enters the chapel, almost gets bowled over by Quinn and an angel host, which settles in the loft behind Ci and the Bacon Wrapped Mousies*

I'm here my sweet Isis. Mommy is a little cat fused Good thing this is a small, quiet wedding.
#8 May 1, 5:05 pm
Sneaks in the back with Piewackit
#9 May 1, 5:06 pm
*Yells* Hi Pie! Hi Wilson!!!
#10 May 1, 5:06 pm
Hi Remus!! Hi Isis!!
#11 May 1, 5:06 pm
I don't think it is going to be quiet Remus..MOL!!innocent
The Dirty Dozen
#12 May 1, 5:07 pm
*Baps Gerta on the head* SHHHH!~ We is supposed to be quiet at weddings. Right?
#13 May 1, 5:07 pm
Hi Pie!
The Dirty Dozen
#14 May 1, 5:07 pm
*Whispers to Wil* I haven't been to a wedding in a long time! Goodness!!
#15 May 1, 5:08 pm
Remus and Isis?
Are you both here?
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