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#1 April 30, 7:40 pm
Rumor has it there is a wedding on Sunday afternoon/early evening. I was sneaking around and over heard a rumor. Wonder if it's true?shifty
#2 April 30, 7:46 pm
i thought i heard the same thing but my lips are sealed...
*whispers in Moms ear
Mom, do we have lips?? MOL
#3 April 30, 8:00 pm
No! NO!! No rumors of any weddings here tomorrow! You ladies SHOO! Go play in the pool or find something to eat.
#4 April 30, 8:56 pm
Giggle Giggle! I heard the rumor as well

Hey Remus! tt2
#5 April 30, 8:58 pm
Shoos Karma and his sisfurs out of the chapel. Opens his back pack and sets out blue forget-me-nots and a bottle of catnip champagne.
#6 April 30, 9:23 pm
I heard it too Gerta! I heard it's at 6:00 Eastern time.
#7 April 30, 11:01 pm
*pads in quietly and looks around*

Hmmmm, i wonder what is going on here.
Soon enough we will find out i guess.

*ponders back to May 3, 2009*
If only i had this beautipurr Wedding Chapel the day my beloved
Kujo and i eloped!!!
#8 April 30, 11:23 pm
*Pads in and looks around. Really has no idea who is getting married. Decides she must stop back tomorrow and makes a note to nag mom.*hammer
#9 May 1, 1:44 am
I'll be back to find out!clap
#10 May 1, 8:02 am
Really? Who is getting married? (I am SO out of it! MOL!)
#11 May 1, 12:53 pm
*Sees all the interest in the wedding, sighs and wonders who spilled the beans?* Hmmmm, beans, GINNYBEAN!
#12 May 1, 1:30 pm
A little Wedding music...
#13 May 1, 1:55 pm
Is there a wedding? OMC! I better get the band together!
#14 May 1, 2:23 pm
scooter *pulls up in the doorway and sees all the goings on. eek *takes off for her stateroom to get changed
#15 May 1, 2:24 pm
angel *leaves a big bag of angel dust on a beam in the rafters and flies off to find Thomas
Displaying 1 to 15 of 20
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