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Maybe someday?
#1 April 3, 6:21 pm
Maybe someday?
*peeks into the Wedding Chapel* I iz exploringz the zhip. It iz furrry prettyz in here. I wonder who willz be the firzt onez to uze thiz chapel. I bet whoever it iz will haz a wonderpurr weddingz. *sighs* Maybe zomeday I will bez a bride? I knowz who I'd likez to be the groomz. wub
#2 April 4, 10:03 am
It sure is a nice chapel Chica blushing
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#3 April 8, 2:39 pm
Hey Chica...I was checking out the chapel also and I couldn't help but overhear you,and I'm sure a beautiful girl like you will likely be a beautiful bride here!em4400
#4 April 9, 7:09 pm
Er ummm, errrrrrrr, Yes, Chicaistheprettiestgirlonboard. *gulp*
#5 April 9, 7:10 pm
#6 April 30, 3:43 pm
Oh Cirdan...
i know that feeling...Dude, you are in love!! wub
i know that feeling.
My beloved Kiska is right here with me on Cathugger.
She is beautipurr.
Good luck with the courtship!! whistling
#7 May 1, 5:01 pm
Moose is right. Love is a wonderful feeling, as my handsome Moose will tell you. 001_icon16 Kisses Moose!
#8 May 1, 5:09 pm
I'm in love too! My girl is Moon! She's the puurrrrrrrtiest kitty around.

#9 May 1, 7:58 pm
Oh my Maks!!! i love you sooooooooooooooooooooo

001_icon16001_icon16 wubwub
#10 May 2, 3:00 pm
Chica,I bet you CI will be asking soonwinkiss

You are such a beautiful Gato.
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