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#1 April 27, 12:57 pm
Toes needs Purrs
Last Thursday night Toes ate his dinner as usual.
Friday morning when i put his breakfast in front of him, he sniffed at it and walked away. i thought to myself...okay he just doesnt want turkey this morning. There is plenty of dry food accessible so i didnt worry about him fading away. He weighs 17.8 lbs!
Friday night at dinner, again i put Toes's food in front of him and he acted nauseated by the sight of it and walked away.
By Saturday morning when he would not eat i became very concerned. i called our regular vet but Easter weekend...you know the deal. So i put in a call to our other vet, Dr D. He agreed to meet us at 8pm at his clinic.
We took him there and after examining Toes, Dr D was convinced he had a UTI but that he wasnt blocked. i knew that because i had kept him in a cage by himself the night before to monitor his output.
He was given an injection of antiobiotics and some Cefa Drops to take for 10 days as well as an anti-spasmodic for his bladder to reduce the swelling and make him able to pee more easily. Dr D told us that Toes should be on a Urinary Care diet for the rest of his life, which really scared me. If one of them needs special diet there is no way i can keep them apart.
Saturday night Toes slept and slept and slept. He felt hot so i washed him down with cool cloths which made him purr. i had to force feed him as he was not eating. i also gave him water the same way.
Sunday was much the same. Sunday night i thought we were going to have to take him to the ER vet as he was very hot and lethargic. i kept up the force feeding and the meds.
Monday morning i went to his cage and he was sitting up. i stroked his handsome head and he felt much cooler. i put some food in there and he began to eat. i was so relieved. i gave him his meds and he slept most of the day. Monday night i kept him in his cage to monitor him and by Tuesday morning he had peed so i let him out of the cage. He ate a little breakfast but no where near his usual amount.
i called our regular vet and she said to watch him and bring him in if he got worse, otherwise she will see him a week after the meds are done and do a urinalysis to see where we are. She seemed to think that once the UTI was gone and as long as he really doesnt have crystals that arent dissolved that then, and only then, should we consider a Urinary care diet for Toes. i was so happy to hear this. Not only do most cats not really like the UR food, it is only available AT THE VET and usually has to be special ordered and expensive. No doubt they want you to put them on this for life! Toes is just 4. We highly recommend getting a second opinion where costly ongoing costs (ie: food FROM THE VET) are concerned! Also for the benefit of the cats health as well.
Last night i left him out of the cage and this morning he ate some breakfast. He is now hiding from me when he sees the meds so im guessing he is feeling a bit better today. He was asleep in the bathroom this morning and did come upstairs when i called them all for breakfast, a very good sign.
i think the meds knock him out so hes resting down in Stinkys room right now.
i will continue to watch him and hope his appetite increases.
Thank you for all the purrrs. We know they have helped.
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