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Poll: How would you deal with Cancer in your Furbaby?
Poll created on April 9, 2011 by April Crawford.
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#1 April 9, 9:50 pm
I decided that I should put Rushy in the Sick Bay.He has a tumor in his Lung that is growing about 1mm a month.The Vet thinks it is a metastatic tumor from somewhere in his body but we haven't found it yet.He has had multiple X-rays,about one a month to see how fast it is growing.He is on Steroids which has helped him.

Rushy was born in this house,please purr for my sweet Rushy.crying
Last update on April 9, 9:51 pm by April Crawford.
The Dirty Dozen
#2 April 9, 10:34 pm
I'm sorry Rushy is sick. Lots of purrs for him!
#3 April 9, 10:48 pm
Aw April...i know how hard this is.
When Punkin was diagnosed with Sarcoma it was already very involved and i beat myself up for days about how i could not have felt the lump on his shoulder.
One vet said we should keep him comfortable with pain meds but i didnt like the idea of watching day by day as he declined. Another vet said that he cannot live with Cancer so we opted to have his right from leg removed. He came through the surgery but minutes later went into heart failure and could not be revived. If i had it to do over again, i would have kept my boy with me for as long as i could have, as long as he still had quality of life...and no pain.
Everyone has to do whats best for their beloved kitties so whatever you decide to do, be fine with your decision. It will be made with love and caring.
Paws joined in a circle of Love for Rushy...Purrrs that his tumor will grow very slowly or not at all.
Damn Cancer.
The Archangel Crew~~
#4 April 9, 11:02 pm
Thank You both! He is still losing weight but the Steroids are helping his appetite.He has perked up a bit too.I trust my Vet 100% and if he suggests it is time then I will do what he thinks is best.
The Dirty Dozen
#5 April 9, 11:19 pm
Hi April Smile
On your both I chose 'surgery', but I wish you'd provided--if possible--an 'other' category and a 'comment' field. It can be very difficult to be black or white about this type of crisis--I know I'm being redundant when I say: 'you have to consider several factors'; I did have a cat w/cancer--it was one of her gams (rear); at one point she had a teeny lump--it was removed and that was that until it returned, bigger--we were told unequivocally that she'd have a normal lifespan if the leg was removed, taking w/it, all the cancer.

So we did that & she adapted very quickly--I haven't seen a 4-legged critter FLY the way she did when she wanted to get away from something!

She had an OK stretch: 15yrs--kidney failure got her :'( Re the RF, she'd had that for some years; at first we subQ'd her--she didn't acclimate to it--she got more fearful and it wasn't exactly easy for us...

So we put everybody on a RF diet: they got enough nutrients and we didn't have to subQ her anymore and like I said: we had a good stretch.

We elected to remove Luna's leg because the percentage for success was high; I would always elect to do surgery IF there was a high percentage of success and by 'success' I mean: greater longevity and surviving the surgery!

That's why I say it's not a black & white situation.
#6 April 9, 11:20 pm
((APRIL))nPOTP for RUSHY!!!!
#7 April 9, 11:20 pm
oops... 'on your BOTH'??????????? I guess I tweaked onto your 'thank you both'--of course I meant 'survey'... phew...
#8 April 9, 11:28 pm
Praying for Rushy!
#9 April 9, 11:49 pm
Oh dear, such a dilemma.
I guess, I would take the question and apply it to myself. How long would I want my life prolonged to be with my family? What quality of life would it be? Unfortunately, our dear companions do not have the same lifespan as us, so it is an inevitable decision. Rushy will let you know when he needs help across the bridge. Trust your heart.
Suit the action to the word, the word to the action -- Hamlet
#10 April 10, 12:58 am
Furmonster Mom put it brilliantly. Our Cats do let us know...
#11 April 10, 5:33 pm
The wholez furmily iz purrringz fur Rushy, Auntie Aprilz!! Mommie is zending out prayerz fur himz too. We lovez you!
#12 April 17, 11:17 pm
I agree with April Shalen. If it's something that has a high success rate and can cleanly remove it, I'd say go with surgery. If it's a type that chemo works better for in giving them quality with longevity, that'd be the best. Sometimes just simple pain management is best. And like everyone says, Rushy will let you know when something is too much and it's time. Sending you lots of love and purrs from me and the girls!!
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#13 April 22, 7:34 pm
Just found the sick bay. This ship is huge!

Major purrrs for Rushy, and for you April. There is not one thing that works in all cancer cases. I DO know that no one know Rushy like you do, and you will do the very best for him.
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#14 April 22, 7:37 pm
Auntie April, Shadow, Quinn C. and I are on our way to give Rushy lots of purrs and angle dust. Remember, the bestest thing to do is to celebrate Rushy's life today. He knows when you are stressed out. So each and every day, give him special time. Make lots and lots of memories. Take tons of photos. Let him eat what ever he likes. Don't fret about yesterday, don't worry about tomorrow, just love on Rushy today.
Angel purrs.
#15 April 23, 9:04 am
I also answered surgery on your poll, but agree that the answer isn't necessarily true in all cases. If the cancer is contained, surgery is certainly warranted. If chemo is a better choice, I would go with that as long as the furbaby tolerated it. Rushy will definitely let you know when it is time to make the decision to help him to the Bridge. In the meantime, just give him lots of love and cherish the memories you make with him. We are all sending purrrs and prayers, and will support you and Rushy through this.
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