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Thread: NO NO NO
#9 June 7, 4:00 pm
I is OFFICIALLY OUT of da Sick Bay!! Good news, NO CANCER!! But I haz been running around like FrankenKitty wif staples in my tummy!
But now I is no longer FrankenKitty! The vet removed my staples today. She and mommy had a nice talk about me too. Still not sure what is wrong. My innards all check out fine. The enlarged lymph nodes that we were worried about being cancerous, are "reactive". Meaning they are most probably swollen due to the bad spleen. Still not sure why the spleen was bad and full of funny spots. My kidneys are small, but they are up to snuff on their values. Hmmm, of course my kidneys have good value. Glad they didn't remove them! Would have brought a pretty penny on the black market I should say. Since I am no longer a FrankenKitty, I'm going to take a nap in the sun. Black kitties are solar powered.
Purrrrs of love aunties.
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