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#1 April 27, 6:57 pm
Nooooo mommy!!! I doesn't WANT to go to da sick bay! I is not sick!!!! My blood work is all normal!! My input and output are normal! My activity is normal! I am NORMAL!!! WAAHHHHHH!!!!!
#2 April 27, 6:59 pm
Yes sweetie, your blood panal came back normal, and you are acting like mommy's little Doofus, but your fur is "not right" and your heart murmur is back really bad. You are having an ultrasound tomorrow so we can see what your heart is up to. Don't be scared. Mommy loves you very much.
#3 April 27, 7:17 pm
Where do you have to go for the ultrasound?
The Dirty Dozen
#4 April 27, 8:22 pm
Purrs for a good outcome on the ultrasound.
The Archangel Crew~~
#5 April 27, 9:39 pm
My vet has all the equipment and a member on staff that does it. Will rush home after work and bring her to the office. SO thankful it's just a 5 minute drive from home.
#6 April 27, 9:40 pm
NO! Don't want any ultra sound! If it "sounds" anything like Ci's band, it will giff me a headache!
#7 April 29, 7:19 pm
Goodness, I got TWO sounds! Good news, no heart disease, bad news, maybe intestinal lymphomia. They are going to aspirate my spleen on Thursday. What does all this mean? I just want to curl up in my sunny window and snooze. Should I beez scared?
#8 May 24, 2:22 pm
I is in hiding! SHHHHHHH! Don't tell mommy! You see, I have to go to the vet tomorrow and have my spleen removed! The aspiration didn't come up with anything conclusive. My spots are either blood blisters or cancer. If they are blood blisters, they could rupture and I could bleed to death with out anyone knowing! If they are cancer, the spleen is shot. They are taking cells from my intestine to test for cancer too. I is SCARED!!!!! I is in hiding.
#9 June 7, 4:00 pm
I is OFFICIALLY OUT of da Sick Bay!! Good news, NO CANCER!! But I haz been running around like FrankenKitty wif staples in my tummy!
But now I is no longer FrankenKitty! The vet removed my staples today. She and mommy had a nice talk about me too. Still not sure what is wrong. My innards all check out fine. The enlarged lymph nodes that we were worried about being cancerous, are "reactive". Meaning they are most probably swollen due to the bad spleen. Still not sure why the spleen was bad and full of funny spots. My kidneys are small, but they are up to snuff on their values. Hmmm, of course my kidneys have good value. Glad they didn't remove them! Would have brought a pretty penny on the black market I should say. Since I am no longer a FrankenKitty, I'm going to take a nap in the sun. Black kitties are solar powered.
Purrrrs of love aunties.
#10 June 7, 7:53 pm
Excellent news Doofus...
Just rest in your warm sunny spot and all will be well.
Love you.

PS Wendy, notice the switch user button near the quick reply? No more scrolling up and down!! Thanks!
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The Archangel Crew~~
#11 June 12, 4:45 pm
Auntie Dale! You are a genius!!!! Mommy is so lazy, that switch user button on the bottom will help her out a lot

I am feeling lots better! You can't even see my incision. It's nice not to be a FrankenKitty any more.
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