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Eye Ulcer
#1 May 26, 10:03 am
Eye Ulcer
My daughter's cat, Maddie, has an ulcer on her eye.. Do any of you have a cat with this problem? I will try to post a picture. She took Maddie to the vet. Was given an eye ointment and some sort of treats.
#2 May 26, 10:05 am
#3 May 26, 10:08 am
Be vigilent in using the ointment, try to keep Maddie from rubbing her eye (yeah right) and wipe it often with a warm, damp cotton pad. Don't use a cotton ball as some of the fibers may stick in her eye lashes. You can get a package of round, cotton pads at any drug store in the makeup section. Purrrrrrs for Maddie
#4 May 26, 6:12 pm
i hope Maddies eye clears up quickly.
The Archangel Crew~~
#5 May 26, 6:49 pm
Thanks..I just hope she co-operates with Kaitlyn so she can put the ointment on
#6 May 27, 5:16 pm
Giving cats eye ointment is a bugger. Purrrrrrs for Maddie.
#7 June 11, 7:45 pm
Maddie's eye is really improving. The Vet is very happy with the progress. My daughter sent me this picture

#8 June 12, 9:07 am
I'm sending lots of gentle purrs for Maddie. She sure is purrty!
#9 June 12, 4:59 pm
She is BEAUTIFUL!!! So glad the meds are working and she is getting better.
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