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Angel Sweet Pea~~~
#1 October 28, 1:24 am
Angel Sweet Pea~~~
angel Sweet Pea~~~

This little ginger and white boy was just 7 months old. He lived his life with his Mama cat and his brofur Oliver, and loved his life.
He was born with an eye defect but we were never able to catch him to get him to the vet.
On Sunday, October 23 at 4pm i saw him eating and he looked fine. The next day i couldnt find him all day...so unlike him. i called him and called him.
At about 2am Tuesday morning i found him resting in a chair next to the boat. He hadnt been there before so i can only think Mama went and got him and brought him to me for help.
Although i loved it when he let me pick him up and bring him in the house(boat) i knew this wasnt a great sign. He didnt look sick but he was.
i treated him...he drank water on his own. At 4am i tucked him into a soft warm bed(for the 1st time ever) kissed his head and told him we loved him.
When i went to check on him in the morning, he had passed away.
i am so sorry i didnt save you, Sweet Pea. You overcame so much...but in the end you knew you were loved.
Godspeed, little Sweet Pea.
We all love and miss you.
The Archangel Crew~~
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#2 October 28, 1:41 am
I will always miss you my sweet little boy! sad
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