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A week at a water park
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#31 July 28, 4:10 pm
Hey Abby who is the grey kitty on top with the paw out? Looks alot like a grown up me
#32 July 28, 4:20 pm
That is me!
#33 July 28, 4:22 pm
Hi Abby this is so much fun!! Otay third time ive posted here. Keeps disappearing over and over. I don't understand. Must be those darn fleas
#34 July 28, 4:23 pm
Abby this is soo muchie fun! ! I love the water park weee!!!
#35 July 28, 4:26 pm
Whos the grey kitty on top in last picture wiff paw out Abby? Looks like me all grown ups. What a beautiful kitty.
#36 July 28, 6:35 pm
That kitty is Buddy Budd Neekah Boo. He is a handsome mancat. Bambi is at the very top in the shower part of the water gym. I bet you are all thirsty.

 photo all15_zps3c8c27a8.jpg
#37 July 28, 6:40 pm
Oh thats Buddy Budd we could be twins. Ha boy he good looking for sure. Buddy Budd we looks alot a like. Its like looking in a mirror. Boo
#38 July 28, 6:41 pm
I am thirty Abby thank you for the drinkie. There sure pretty too
#39 July 29, 8:45 am
Chester be careful with those thongs in a water park, they can get uncomfortable lol There are so many rides here, what to do next 001_unsure
#40 July 29, 9:28 am
Ikr what to do next...
#41 July 29, 9:41 am
How about a day at Lazy River. You are right Spice those thongs can be a little uncomfortable here. MOL
#42 July 29, 11:38 am
Lazy river sounds soo good. Im ready
#43 July 29, 1:22 pm
Check out our lazy river.

 photo waterparik_zps45c223dd.jpg
#44 July 29, 6:13 pm
That looks fun my mama went on a lazy river before and she loved it!
#45 July 29, 8:26 pm
Oh dudes and ladys this is so awesome! I love this lazy river! This tubey im in is so kwel!
Displaying 31 to 45 of 66
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