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A week at a water park
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#16 July 27, 2:39 pm
I love the pictures Abby... loving going down the slides.. I feel so coooool....
#17 July 27, 4:49 pm
this is soo much fun, thanks for the invite Abby Smile
#18 July 27, 4:51 pm
I love the pictures, we're all having a great time!!!
#19 July 27, 5:58 pm
Come and gets it!
We brought Grammy's Crockpot Roast Beefs with fresh picked corn on the cob and lots of butters. She even made us some Mac salad.
So comes and gets it!


I gots butters all over me. I just loves corn on the cobs.
#20 July 27, 6:28 pm
I'm so glad you all could make it. Kibbles sure knows how to feed us. it's chow time.
#21 July 28, 7:38 am
Sounds good Kibbles, thanks and food is always important.

I never knew water could be so much fun. Thanks Abby and concats to you!
#22 July 28, 7:47 am
Kibbles and Francis were having so much fun, we decided to try and make it.
This is fun!
Cleo says she likes the floatie things.
Zeeke says the slide is his favorite.
Harley and Dave are just enjoying all the fun and chasing the girls.
Kahless says he will sit in the shade.
PJ, Fozzy Bear, Mishka, DC and Zelda all like the slides
Moo and Tommie love to float on the water.
Tater Tot like the climbing thing.
Francis and I love it all.

Has a great day everyone.
Last one in the pool is a stinker!!!!!!
#23 July 28, 10:25 am
Hello and good morning everyfur. I'm so glad you all are having a good time. I must have overslept today. It's time for another day of staying kewl and having fun

 photo waterslides_zpsc6023c11.jpg
#24 July 28, 11:32 am
I love this picture too Smile
#25 July 28, 12:17 pm
That looks fun!!
#26 July 28, 12:29 pm
Let's go try it out Bambi and Fridayclap
#27 July 28, 3:36 pm
WEEEEEEE!!!! love the big slides.....
#28 July 28, 3:38 pm
Wee Abby I love the water park!! What a great way to cool off!!
#29 July 28, 3:53 pm
I love slides too let's go againclap
#30 July 28, 4:08 pm
I love it here Abby! Its so much fun!! Weee
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