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Miss Hazel Lucy
#1 March 19, 3:46 pm
Miss Hazel Lucy
On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 the world lost a magnificat.
Hazel Lucy had been having health issues for some months, and although her beloved
Mom Julie tried everything in her power to heal her, it just wasnt meant to be.
Hazel Lucy crossed over peacefully, with her Moms help, to be with her loving furhusband Buddie for alll eternity.

For Julie and Hazel Lucy~~

a desperate soul crossed your path
so you took her in, and gave her a bath.
the trust wasnt there yet, she had been through so much
still afraid of your love and scared of your touch.

...then days turned to months and months into years
and without any notice you had allayed her worst fears.
how did this happen? once scared and remote
Hazel Lucy then allowed you upon her to dote.

a dynamic duo you two did become
and lived in harmony, nearly as one.
but the inevitible moment has arrived as it will
her body too weak, but her heart basket a fill.

you gave her a gift, the most difficult one
to release her from pain, life was no longer fun.
she lives at the Bridge a most glorious place
one day you will be reunited- you will again see that face.

in these darkest moments where there is no place to hide
look deep in your heart and let it swell with pride
that you saved that soul that day in that place
and for that you are blessed and adorned with such grace.

good-bye miss Hazel Lucy, a cat among cats
adorned with your boas and feathers and hats.
where is Hazel Lucy, look i just saw a star...
where ever you look, she can never be very far.

We will miss you, HL, but never ever furget you...

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The Archangel Crew~~
The following users say Thank You to Dale S Eggers for this useful post:
#2 March 24, 12:50 am
Awesome! I LOVE it!thumbup1
#3 March 24, 1:14 am
Beautiful thumbup
Cathugging is my speciality!
#4 March 24, 1:25 am
i cant share the link with Julie till we are live. Unhappy
The Archangel Crew~~
#5 March 24, 8:54 am
Julie will be very touched
Cathugging is my speciality!
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#6 March 24, 8:48 pm
This is so beautiful!
#7 March 27, 12:14 am
The Dirty Dozen
#8 March 27, 8:52 am
Mom of the T-Kitties
#9 March 27, 6:46 pm
So beautiful!!!
#10 April 1, 12:32 am
She is in all of our hearts, Julie...always.
The Archangel Crew~~
#11 April 1, 2:24 pm
So beautiful and appropriate that Hazel Lucy is the first memorialized!
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#12 April 1, 4:44 pm
What a beautiful tribute to sweet Hazel Lucy and her mommy. Some animals aren't just pets, they become our best friends and in some extraordinary instances, our soulmates.

Blessed are those who have truly bonded with their furbabies; once they find their way into our hearts, it's there they will remain, always and forever, never to part.
Miracles Happen
#13 April 2, 1:45 am
Beautiful post Dale. Hazel Lucy will always be in our thoughts.
#14 April 3, 8:16 am
Dale, you write beautiful poetry! Hazel Lucy will live in all our hearts.
#15 April 3, 8:07 pm
We all love Hazel Lucy, and Julie.001_smile


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