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Hobo In Loving Memory
#1 September 20, 10:16 am
Hobo In Loving Memory
Rest in peace grandpa Hobo. You lived 20 years, a long a happy life with your pawsome family. We will miss you very much our handsome friend. We know you will be watching over us from the bridge.

 photo hobobridge1r_Photo_zpsf2d7911d.jpg

 photo hobobridger_Photo_zpsd2248d7e.jpg
#2 September 21, 7:20 am
Beautiful pictures Bugsy, we will miss you Hobo angel
#3 September 21, 12:36 pm
Beautiful picture Bugsy and thank you so much for remembering our good friend Hobo.

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#4 September 21, 1:53 pm
Hobo will never be forgotten we have traveled and had so much fun together. I know he will be watching over us.
#5 September 21, 2:02 pm
Beautiful pictures.. Hobo is smiling at us all.. angel
#6 September 21, 2:42 pm
Those are beautiful pictures!
#7 September 21, 3:21 pm
Beautiful pictures
#8 September 21, 7:04 pm
thank you Bambi and Chester.
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