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#1 May 10, 12:07 pm
In honour of our baby, Malachi. He became very ill with a fast-growing cancerous tumor in his lower jaw. He was sick for about three weeks. Then one day he looked up at me and I knew he was asking me to let him go to God. This was April 30, 2014.

My husband, Jimmy, myself, and Jimmy's brother Eugene took Malachi to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control center. The tech let me come back to the room with Malachi. She gave him an anesthetic overdose in his belly button, then placed him on a towel on my lap. I held him close and petted his fur. I kissed him on the head and sang a little song to him. He just got sleepier and sleepier, finally lying his head down on my arm. Just like that, he was gone to the Bridge. The tech wrapped Malachi up in a fuzzy towel and placed his body in a box for us. His Daddy and I interred Malachi in our back yard garden and placed two slabs of marble over his grave. I put a vase of flowers by his grave.

We will grieve and miss him for a long time, but knowing in our minds and hearts that he is with his Father God helps us. Our faith is strong and we know we will see him again in Heaven.

I'd like to thank all of his furiends that have written such beautiful words about our baby, Angel K.Malachi. We love you all!

Mama Jody
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#2 July 18, 10:57 am
To mama....we send lots of thoughts to you. Making the decision to let him go had to be the hardest thing you could do, but also the final gift of love you can give...to allow him to go peacefully and not live in pain. He is and always will be beautiful.
#3 July 18, 4:41 pm
Thank you, Spice or Spice's Mom. It was a very hard decision to make, but we knew it was the kindest thing we could do. I want to thank you for your sweet words and God bless.

Jody (Angel K.Malachi's Mama)
Every day is a good day with a Bombay!
#4 October 25, 3:54 pm
We know how much you miss Malachi, he will live on in your hearts furever.
#5 October 25, 7:54 pm
My Mama says 'thank you, dear Bugsy' for the kind words and says that I am in her and my Daddy's heart furever and ever. I thank you, buddy.
Every day is a good day with a Bombay!
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