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#1 June 22, 9:35 am
Welcome to the First Anniversary Party for Angel K.Malachi & Princess Lady Ana
Welcome, welcome our dear furiends! We are so happy that you would come and help us celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary and share in our unending love for each other. Princess Lady Ana and I met on CatChannel and started dating on St. Valentine's Day 2013. We were married on June 22, 2013. We had a beautiful honeymoon in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and local environs. I did daily blogs about what sights we saw and side-trips we made. We saw many waterfalls and quaint covered bridges. When I crossed to the Bridge on April 30, 2014, I was determined not to leave a grieving widow before our First Anniversary. I went through Angel training with ease and decided to come back down to Earth mainly to be an Earth Angel so I could be with my beloved bride. I also help my Mama with my catmail. Princess Lady Ana and I have a sprawling five bedroom house in the Biltmore District of Phoenix, Arizona. During the winter, her sisters Princess Sandy and Princess Haley come down to winter with us to get away from the Massachusetts freeze, which is where Princess Lady Ana hails from. During the summer we vacation up in Massachusetts to escape the worse of the Phoenix heat, which can get up to 119*F at times. Anyway, let's all take our seats and the waiters will serve catpagne and we can toast TO LOVE and ETERNITY. Then we will be served a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict or Bienville, Virginia ham, country biscuits with cream gravy, savory bacon or sausage and finish off with your choice of lime or orange sherbet. There will be dancing after breakfast and we hope that everyone has a wonderful time and thank you for coming to celebrate our love.
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