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Wedding Reception of Isis and Remus 5.1.11
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#91 May 1, 6:29 pm
*Pie grins at her little brother.* He's a pain sometimes, but he really knows how to treat a lady.
#92 May 1, 6:29 pm
Well, this old guy needs a nap!

Please feel free to stay as long as you wish.

The chef will cook all night long for you guys!

Thank you all for coming to the FIRST (of many, we hope)
weddings aboard the Archangel @ Cathugger!

*heads to his stateroom to dream about his Kujo*

Good night everycat
ConCATS again Isis and Remus...
Mr & Mrs Remus Werecat

Love you all...
#93 May 1, 6:29 pm
Wilson holds Pie close as they slow dance, he leans in and whispers in her ear

The Giants lost too! *he shrugs and goes back to dancing
#94 May 1, 6:30 pm
Wheeeeee Ziggy!!!
#95 May 1, 6:31 pm
*She gives Wil a tight hug in sympathy for his team too as they slow dance around the room.*
#96 May 1, 6:32 pm
*Gosh, dancing with Chica is NICE! Waves at Moozer and gives him a thumbs up*
#97 May 1, 6:34 pm
*Flies in to sprinkle angel dust on his furrends, and to check that no cooties made it through his new security systems.*

Mommy has to run to the store before they close. Moozer, what a beautiful wedding..
Isis, Remus, bout time! Wink

I think I'll sit in the rafters and watch the happy couples dance.
#98 May 1, 6:35 pm
*Smiles as she is swept around the dance floor in Ci's strong paws* Thiz iz wonderfulz!
#99 May 1, 6:37 pm
*after they finish dancing, Wil and Pie head over to grab some cake and champagne to go, then head to her stateroom to watch Sunday Night Baseball
#100 May 1, 6:40 pm
Thank you guys for a wonderful time!!! It was great seeing everyone!

*she takes Wil's paw as they take their to go bags and head off for a night of baseball and munchies.....She whispers to him....thank you, Wil...I had an awesome time!!*
#101 May 1, 6:40 pm
scooter sets a big piece of cake on the back of her scooter and drives off to find Snoopy Byrd Happy
#102 May 1, 7:11 pm
*writes a quick note to the happy couple* Concats from my family! Sorry we didn't know about it until it was over, but wishing you much happiness in your life together, Isis & Remus! clap
#103 May 1, 7:30 pm
Hi Skylar! Don't feel bad. The happy couple wanted a very low key affair and didn't tell anyone. A couple of tattle "tail" kittens let it leak.
#104 May 2, 5:04 pm
I'm so sorry that I missed your wedding. I would have liked to play my drums in Ci's band. I've been practicing. Concatulations and I wish you both all the best!
#105 May 3, 9:32 am
Concatulations from me and my whole family! Our computer was sick so when we tried to come to the wedding it wouldn't go there. The pictures are beautiful!
Displaying 91 to 105 of 105
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