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Wedding Reception of Isis and Remus 5.1.11
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#1 May 1, 1:52 pm
Wedding Reception of Isis and Remus 5.1.11
Welcome to the Cathugger Grill.

Today we have the special honor of catabrating the blessed union of Isis and Remus...

i am proud to introduce to you for the very first time...

Mr and Mrs Remus Werecat!!!!
Last update on May 1, 6:31 pm by Moozer.
#2 May 1, 1:56 pm
#3 May 1, 5:46 pm
OMC! Look at the beautypurr photo!

finally! *Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot*

Aw jeez!
The Dirty Dozen
#4 May 1, 5:46 pm
AWWWW!!!! Thank you Moozer. Look at all the wonderful food! Isis, we better cut the cake quick, before the kittens get started. MOL! Look at that cake topper!
#5 May 1, 5:47 pm
*looks around and makes sure the food is all ready...

and the catpagne!

#6 May 1, 5:47 pm
Is everyone here yet?
#7 May 1, 5:47 pm
Everything is so beautiful Moozer! Thank You!
The Dirty Dozen
#8 May 1, 5:49 pm
*takes Ci's paw* The rezeptionz iz in herez! I betz there will bez good foodz. And cakez!! Doez you like cakez, Ci?
#9 May 1, 5:49 pm
I think somecats got lost..MOL!
The Dirty Dozen
#10 May 1, 5:49 pm
*Puts her paw on Wil's arm as they stroll into the reception.* Oh my.....it's beautiful in here!! Look at all the yummy food!yes
#11 May 1, 5:49 pm
*Hands Isis a glass of champaign* To my beautiful wife! I love you more than life itself. To you my dearest! *Whispers in her ear, you poot when ever you like*
#12 May 1, 5:51 pm
*Takes the glass* Thank You Remus! The bubbles go up my nose! MOL
The Dirty Dozen
#13 May 1, 5:52 pm
Chica, I love cake!! I hope they hurry up and cut it. I'm starved *tummy growls*
#14 May 1, 5:53 pm
Isis, you have the prettiest nose there is.
#15 May 1, 5:53 pm
The first wedding went very well on the ship!thank You so much Moozer!
The Dirty Dozen
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