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Sailing to Catnip Island... in Cathugger Grill
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#1 May 9, 8:55 pm
Sailing to Catnip Island... in Cathugger Grill
We are going to sail to Catnip Island.. when we arrive we will have fun touring the catnip growing fields.. some are yellow,some are green some are purple.. we can walk amongst the plants..You can have fun in catnip store... & yes we all will bring some catnip back with us.. come join us & get a little nipped....
#2 May 9, 9:31 pm
Chester dood I'm in, let's sail the catnip fields.punk I can't wait. Concats on being Capt of the week.punk
#3 May 9, 11:31 pm
We can't wait to get there!

#4 May 10, 9:04 am
those plants are so big and the field is huge. I can't wait to romp and play in it.
#5 May 10, 9:25 am
WOOHOOO I love catnip.
#6 May 10, 9:29 am
Did somebody say catnip? Concats to you Chester, I'm ready to sail with you.
#7 May 10, 10:38 am
 photo catnip1_zps2d467262.jpg

we love catnip
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#8 May 10, 4:54 pm
 photo pizapcom13997487799864_zpsf08f13f5.jpghttp://" alt="" class="parsed_image" />
#9 May 10, 4:55 pm
 photo catnipplant_zps706d1b0c.jpghttp://" alt="" class="parsed_image" />
#10 May 10, 4:55 pm
That's Beautiful. I didn't know there was purple catnip. Our catnip only gets white flowers
#11 May 10, 4:56 pm
 photo catnipflowerbus_zpsafc7b686.jpghttp://" alt="" class="parsed_image" />
#12 May 10, 4:57 pm
Our Catnip fields are in full bloom... hope you all like touring in our flowery catnip bus... & the little potted catnip plant is for all kitties to take home with them... meow.... peace !!!!!
#13 May 10, 5:03 pm
My dad took this at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal when he and mom visited there

#14 May 10, 5:09 pm
How cool Pete..did you know my mommy is from Montreal.. & loved the Botanical Gardens when she was little.... I love the little bug all covered over.. thanks for posting it.... meow..
#15 May 10, 5:39 pm
OMC what pretty pictures. I never knew catnip was so pretty.punk
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