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Belle's Birfday Pawty
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#1 March 30, 5:23 pm
Belle's Birfday Pawty

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!eek I'm the first one here!balloon

I will just hang around..whistling

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The Dirty Dozen
#2 March 30, 5:24 pm
I found it! I'm here! I'm here!

Now! Where is my that Sweet Sweet Birfday Girl!?!?!?

#3 March 30, 5:26 pm
I'm here Ronon!!001_tt1
The Dirty Dozen
#4 March 30, 5:28 pm
Where did you go?001_huh
The Dirty Dozen
#5 March 30, 5:30 pm
Right here! So what gifz didz you getz?
Haz you hadz a good dayz?

*butts headz with the birfday girl*
#6 March 30, 5:32 pm
Mom didn't have time to go to the Store buts I gots a lot of kisses & hugs! I will also get an extra helping of Fancy Feast Gourmet food.
The Dirty Dozen
#7 March 30, 5:34 pm
Hello all...i will be in and out!
Have fun!!flowers
The Archangel Crew~~
#8 March 30, 5:35 pm
That workz just finez! We all getz tooooonnnnaaaaa whenever one of uz haz a birfday! Meowm doesn't really getz us prezziz....she sez she getz us prezzziz all da timez...and she does!

Snugglez 'n kissez 'n hugz....ALRIGHT!

I'm bringing you sum more!!!
#9 March 30, 5:35 pm
Thank You Auntie Daleem3600
The Dirty Dozen
#10 March 30, 5:36 pm
#11 March 30, 5:37 pm
Hai Auntie Dale!
#12 March 30, 5:38 pm
I gots locked in the room Maw & Paw are fixing up for Auntie Wendy this morning so the boys couldn't bug me..MOL!!
The Dirty Dozen
#13 March 30, 5:39 pm
Hi Ronon ... is Snoopy coming? 001_tt1
#14 March 30, 5:40 pm
Awww fank You Ronon! Want to drive my tank?
The Dirty Dozen
#15 March 30, 5:41 pm
Hi Hallie,fanks for coming!thumbup1
The Dirty Dozen
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