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Remembering RedRed,,,
Posted August 24, 2012 by Dale S Eggers
i will never forget the day i met you, RedRed.
We cared for many orange and white ferals outside at the marina, and the day we met, you came walking right up my dock to see what was here and to say hello.
At first i thought you were one of them, RedRed, but when you let me scratch your head and even give you kisses, i knew you werent feral.
Then i learned your story. i learned that your first Mom had passed away and you were entrusted to your new "dad"...you and your sister Pretty Girl even had a Trust Fund for your care. Your dad is the way he is and nothing will change him. i know he cares for animals in his heart, but he did not use your Trust Fund the way it was intended.
Instead of being treated like the Prince you were, you were an indoor/outdoor cat, at risk from so many dangers...but you were not my cat.
i remember when i first saw you, you were wearing a flea collar. i told your new dad about the dangers of them and he finally let me take it off you and treat you with Advantage. Then your new dad wanted you to wear a collar of some kind...so you came to me again for help when it was so tight you could not even eat. i had to use scissors to get it off you. You were so happy, you smiled as you walked away...back to your new home.
This was about a year and a half ago.
Fast forward to last Monday, August 20. Your dad came over and left a note here saying a cat was sick and he needed help. i had not seen you in many months RedRed. We have so many in here and my life got in the way and you didnt come to visit.
So i went to your boat and my heart broke when i saw you lying on the front of your boat. You had once been a big handsome ginger & white boy but now as you lay there, i could see every bone in your spine.
i gently picked you up and knocked on the door and your dad answered. He asked where i had found you and i told him where you were...right there.
i looked into your once bright golden eyes and saw a sadness i had not seen in you before.
i went home and got some SubQ fluids and went back to you RedRed. You were such a good boy as you stayed so still so i could give you the fluids. When i was done, you meowed to me thank you and jumped down off the counter so i knew you felt better.
Your dad said that he had not seen you so vocal or lively in about a week. i told him that what i did was not a cure but merely a treatment and that you needed to be in a hospital ASAP.
Your dad said he would take you tomorrow, Tuesday so i said okay and left. Why did i leave? Why did i not have the sense to take you in my arms and carry you to safety right then?
Tuesday came and went and still no vet for you. i came to your boat Tuesday night and spoke to your dad but did not see you RedRed. He said you were in the bilge sleeping so i again let it go and came home...all night i cried and worried about you.
Wednesday morning came and when we came looking for you and your dad, another neighbor said he had taken you in the car and left so we certainly thought that he must be taking you to get the care you so needed.
That afternoon your dad called to say that he took you to the ASPCA but that you were gone.
i asked gone from what and your dad said that the "autopsy" said that you had eaten rat poison.
i know you did not eat rat poison, RedRed, you were way too smart for that but now your dad wont tell us what really happened to you.
i fear that he never took you to a vet or did anything to try to save you, my dear boy. i blame myself for not taking you on Monday.
i will probably never know what your last breath was like, RedRed, but i pray it was peaceful and that you did not suffer.
im so sorry i let you down, RedRed.
i know you are well again at the Bridge and i hope you have been reunited with your Mom and have told her all about the person she trusted your life to.
i wish we had met sooner.
i will never forget that meow and i'll never forget you RedRed.
Please forgive me for not understanding the situation and taking you in myself.
Fly free and high, RedRed and please give our Angels Moozer, Punkin and Bob hugs from us.
Till we meet again, my beautiful boy,
love is forever~~~
your second mom
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