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Dale S Eggers
Posted October 2, 2011 by Dale S Eggers
Sailor came to our furmily on August 30, 2011 when i heard tiny cries coming from a neighboring boat. i removed the engine hatch and found where the cries were coming from...tiny little 4oz Sailor.

On September 21, i heard a kitten meowing by the front door...looked and saw that Sailor was in her cage so i went to investigate. i saw a tiny Cali/Tortie kitten climbing on the screen door on the outside of the boat! i quickly opened the door and grabbed the little one.

Her name is Serendipity!

Then i saw Mama outside on the dock pacing back and forth over a section of dock. Then i heard another baby crying. i looked through the cracks in the dock and saw another orange kitten like Sailor! i thought about lifting the board in the dock but though i would try to get the kitten so i leaned over the edge of the dock and reached in, calling the baby the whole time. He finally saw my hand and soon i felt fur. i grabbed that fur and gently pulled till i saw a baby orange face...Simon!!

Its been almost two weeks since this little furmily has been reunited. i think they look pretty happy...what do you think??

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