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Sailor, the littlest Cathugger!
Posted September 12, 2011 by Dale S Eggers
Outside at the marina we have a colony of ferals that we care for.
Mama is the smartest cat we have ever encountered in our many years of rescue...she is like mercury. No net can hold her...no trap will she enter...so at the age of 12, she continues to be a mother. This frustrates us and worries us but the timing is so important that every litter is to be her last and yet she continues to outsmart us!
That is the back story.
So its August 12 and Mama disappears for a few days, our notice that she has given birth. Then she is scarce for a week or two...and in 6 weeks, she brings the babies to us. Thats how it usually goes. This time was different.
Her safe place for her current litter was a neighbors boat. He soon tired of having the stowaways and closed up their entry place.
He forbid me to go on his boat. So as any animal advocate would, i waited till he left for work, went on his boat, opened the rear hatches where i thought the kittens were. What did i find? A tiny orange marble tiger boy about two weeks of age. Since i knew where Mama was nesting, i placed the wee one in a basin and delivered him to Mama. She sniffed him, looked at me and grabbed him in her mouth and disappeared into her nest. Well, i thought, ive done all i can.
The very next day i was out on the dock and i saw 3 kittens lying on the deck of yet another boat next to ours. Three?? OMC. So i placed a carrier on the boat and put the three of them in it and left. Twice i checked on them and on my third trip 2 of the kittens were gone. The same orange boy was still in the carrier. Okay i thought...maybe Mama is moving them so i waited. Another hour went by and i looked again. This time the carrier was empty. Okay great Mama has them all relocated. Just as i was about to get off the boat, i heard the same pathetic mew that i had heard the day before. This time it was coming from the engine compartment of the boat. With new found strength, i opened the heavy hatch and there again was our orangie! He was yelling his head off. i balanced the heavy hatch on my head and shoulders and scooped him up once again. i tucked him in my overalls bib and hoisted myself out of the bilge.
i took little Sailor into our boat, bathed him, gave him a bottle and tucked my boy into a cozy carrier.

Sailor is now 4 weeks old and is thriving.
i figure that in his short life he has used up 2 lives already but he is a survivor.
We love him very much...he is a handful which is possibly why Mama left him for us. At her advanced age he was just too much for her to handle.
He is curious and precocious and advanced for his age.
Watch Sailor grow with us...
Sailor...the littlest Cathugger!

Dale S Eggers
testing again
Posted April 4, 2011 by Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers
Blog too??
Posted April 4, 2011 by Dale S Eggers
Okay i see i too have a Blog!
i am the Webmaster!! Do i have time to write a blog??
We shall see.
Can you leave comments on my blog.
im checking that out...and its my site!! LOL
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